Friday, January 12, 2018

My Review of the Welcome to Boston JD Martinez Live Bradfo Show Podcast

In case you missed it, which I can guarantee you did, last evening was the "Welcome to Boston JD Martinez even though JD Martinez hasn't signed with the Red Sox Bradfo Show Podcast" live from the Baseball Tavern. According to Bradford, this is the first in a series of live podcasts. If last night was even a small sample of what this live podcast series will be then we are in for quite a series of treats.

The time was 7:42 PM. I called a buddy of mine who was coincidentally at the Baseball Tavern with some of his coworkers earlier in the night for happy hour. I let him know that I was on my way over to grab a beer. Unfortunately he had just left, but he did tell me "it was pretty lame, it was just us guys from work and some old guys sitting at a table doing a podcast about the Red Sox." Excellent.

I had assumed that the turnout would be slim, but I decided to stop by anyway. Baseball Tavern is my favorite watering hole in the city, so I didn't exactly need an excuse to drop in.

When I arrived I expected to be able to maintain a very low profile and grab a seat at the bar among the crowd or the regulars.

To my surprise the only people in the bar were myself, Bradfo, Curtis, Kerosene Ken, Alex Speir, Jen McCaffrey, a few other media members who I did not recognize, the bartender, and myself.

All in all it was a WILD night. I grabbed a seat at the other end of the bar opposite of where the podcast was being recorded. Although I am an extremely important member of the Boston Media, I am no where near the level of Ty Anderson or 'Pitcher Nick', so I opted not to mingle. I neglected to get a "JD Martini" and instead stuck with my usual order of a Bud Light. I sat at the bar and enjoyed watching Ohio State blow out Maryland and listen to the bartenders banter. They seemed to be really enjoying the night based on their comments. "What the fuck is a podcast?" "Jimmy, you should do a podcast about how to not get laid." They did not seem too excited about welcoming a baseball player to the team who has not yet signed with said team.

The best way I can describe the night is by comparing it to the scene in The Departed where Leonardo DiCaprio orders a cranberry juice and a townie asks him if he is on his period and they get in a bar-fight. Except instead of a bar-fight it was just a bunch of media guys talking about the Red Sox and Alex Speir ordering a Greek Salad. Stick tap to me for a great analogy.

The worst part of the night was that I forgot to enter the raffle for free Red Sox tickets, as I would have been competing against myself and myself only. Would have been a guaranteed winner, and I blew it. -1 to me for blowing it.

I still do not fully understand what exactly the point of the night was. I still am unclear whether or not JD Martinez has signed with the Red Sox. I remain confused. But I did have a nice cold beer to start the close out of a stressful work week, so I guess thats good. Thanks @Bradfo.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Kirk Minihane staged a MASSIVE protest to #FireFelger

On Wednesday Michael Felger got himself into some hot water after saying that Roy Halladay "got what he deserved" after he died in a plane crash. I was VERY OFFENDED by Felger's statement:.

On Thursday morning it became clear that I was not the only one offended by that sorree-ass jackwagon Felger's statement. Kirk Minihane of WEEI staged a MASSIVE protest to #FireFelger.

Minihane stood outside of the Sportshub studios asking "WHERE IS THE JUSTICE!?!?"

Because I was not at the rally it is difficult to tell how many people were there, but if I had to guess I would say there were approximately 2,000 people who came out to protest Felger's job.

Things began to turn ugly when Minihane was confronted by a morning show host from the lowly rated "Carlson & McKenzie":

As you can see from the picture above, Minihane was assaulted by the morning show host. Minihane made it clear that nothing would get in the way of fighting for what's right:

To further his point Minihane turned the protest into a sit in:

Things for so far out of hand that the police were called:

Minihane and the other protesters were very respectful. They did not act like a bunch of Antifa-thugs, throwing their urine at the officer. They handled the situation with class. Allegedly the officer admitted that he too believes that Felger should be fired.

This story is a 617 Report exclusive. You will not hear about this from the biased Boston Globe. Their main concern is defending this monster Michael Felger. It is truly embarrassing that the Globe would completely ignore this story. I guess the only place you can get your news is from completely unbiased blogs that write about Boston sports radio and how much ESPN sucks.

The full protest can be viewed on WEEI's Facebook page.

Monday, October 23, 2017

ESPN Canceling Barstool Van Talk is just another classic ESPN Move

Last week Barstool Van Talk was set to premiere in the 1AM time slot on ESPN2. The show featured Big Cat and PFTCommenter from Barstool's Pardon My Take podcast. Pardon My Take is one of if not the most successful podcast of all time, especially in the highly coveted 18-34 demographic.

 This seemed like a huge win for ESPN. The new show would bring in younger viewers who ESPN has been struggling to captivate in recent years. Also, it would come at a relatively cheap price. The cost of having two first time TV hosts at 1 AM couldn't have been very expensive.

And then the winds turned.

Barstool, as most know, has never shied away from controversial content. Throughout the years Barstool has made headlines by posting crass content that some people without a sense of humor consider offensive. As Barstool becomes a national brand this only seems to intensify.

Prior to the premiere, Sam Ponder of ESPN fired off a string of tweets voicing her displeasure for Barstool after they had insulted her in the past. These insults of course came after she had posted that blogs who "disrespect women" can't comment on Ray Rice back in 2014. Adam Best of formerly of Fansided (a sports website with a whopping 36,000 followers on Twitter) lashed out against Barstool as well.

The lashing out from these D-list sports media personalities lead to headlines in the papers. While some employees at Barstool lashed back out at Ponder and Best, Big Cat and PFTCommenter stayed out of the crossfire for the most part.

The first show aired and was relatively successful. Barstool Van Talk drew 88,000 viewers. Though this was down in terms of tota viewers from prior shows in the 1AM time slot on ESPN2, their lead in at midnight only had 61,000 viewers. The show picked up 44% from its lead in. Additionally, they were the #2 show in target demographics that day.

To put this in perspective, SC6 loses approximately 38% of their viewers from lead in PTI. SC6 also has a host who calls the president a white supremacist and tells her audience not to patronize advertisers of her network. That host was suspended, with pay, for her comments about advertisers and was not suspended for calling the president a white supremacist. Anyway, I digress.

 President of ESPN John Skipper issued the following statement, canceling Barstool Van Talk effective immediately. The show was scheduled to air Tuesday at 1AM through the Super Bowl.:

This is just a classic situation where ESPN is putting its finger in their to the wind to make a decision. They couldn't care less about ratings. Barstool Van Talk was an opportunity for cheap talent that could develop into a long term relationship that would help draw in more viewers, especially viewers in the 18-34 demographic.

Disney owns ESPN. If I was an investor in Disney I would have a lot of questions about the struggling ESPN. At every turn it appears that the network is sacrificing ratings and therefore revenue to please Twitter and critics. The network's apparent goal to become more and more politically correct has turned its brand from what was once a cool sports station into the punchline of a joke. As ESPN continues to pull these stunts the ratings will continue to plummet, and so will the network's bottom line.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

This is the globiet thing a herald writer has ever done

I apologize for any typos, I am writing this on my phone, but this was too good not to blog. As you know, Jemele Hill called Trump and all republicans white supremacists. I expected huge support from the Globe. To my surprise the most outrageous form of support came from Jason Mastrodanado. This clown changed his god damn Twitter picture to Hill's twitter picture. When I first saw this I thought it was photoshopped. Turns out it isn't just the Globe who have lost their mind to Trump derangement syndrome, the Herald has gone off the deep end as well.

I don't understand this considering Hill isn't sorry for her actions, and she didn't even get repremmanded by ESPN!

Do us all a favor Mastrodanado, stick to writing love letters to David Ortiz begging him to come back.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Ratings for ESPN's The 6 SUCK

Jemele Hill has been making a lot of headlines over the last few days after tweeting that she thinks Donald Trump is a white supremacist, and "the other side" (republicans) have done nothing but support white supremacy. She was not disciplined whatsoever by ESPN. All they did was issue an apology statement regarding her actions.

Based the ratings for her show The 6, she is likely not used to this much attention.

I took a look at The 6's viewership over the last six months. There is one MAJOR trend that I noticed right off the bat: the ratings are plummeting.

In order to analyze the ratings I looked at daily average viewership. From March 14th, 2016 through September 9th, 2016, average daily viewership of Sportscenter was 480.5 thousand viewers. In the same period in 2017, when The 6 took over the 6:00 PM hour of Sportscenter, average daily viewership was 424 thousand viewers. That is a drop of of 11.7%.

This shouldn't come as a surprise considering The 6 is practically unwatchable.

The stat that really jumped off the page was the drop-off of viewers after the 5:30 PM showing of Pardon the Interruption. Average daily viewership for PTI in the same 2017 comparison period was 684 thousand viewers. Seeing as average daily viewership for The 6 was 424 thousand people, that means 260 thousand people are changing the channel or turning off the TV when The 6 comes on, a drop off of 38%.

I won't claim to be a media expert, but even I can tell that it should be alarming for ESPN that one of their key personality's ratings are dropping at an alarming rate. Based on the piss-poor content in the show and the fact that Hill effectively called half of America white supremacists, I don't expect for her numbers to rebound.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Today was an all-time PC ESPN day

Today was an all-time day for pretentious political correctness at ESPN.

First was Jemele Hill. Last winter Hill stated in a podcast that Boston is the "gold standard of racism." Yesterday Hill went on a bit of a Twitter rant about President Trump and his supporters:
Approximately half of the country voted for Trump. Through these tweets Hill is calling half of the country, including the PRESIDENT, white supremacists.

Curt Schilling was fired in April of 2016 by ESPN for retweeting a politically driven tweet that some considered offensive. In order to be consistent ESPN should fire Hill. One would think that they would at least suspend Hill, correct? No. Instead they issued a statement:
I have tweeted things that after some consideration I recognized were inappropriate. Upon realizing this I deleted the Tweets. As of 7:09PM, HOURS after ESPN released a statement, Hill has not deleted the Tweets. That does not seem like the course of action someone would take if they actually believed what they tweeted was inappropriate. 

I would say the statement by ESPN was a slap on the wrist for Hill, however that would imply that she was in some way reprimanded. She clearly wasn't, considering the tweets are still up. The statement by ESPN is completely meaningless.

While Hill was going on her Twitter rant, a new star rose at ESPN. Sergio Dipp, a Mexican American made his first appearance as a sideline reporter on Monday Night Football:

Dipp is in a position he is not ready for and he sounds like he is reading every word phonetically. ESPN put this guy in on the sideline simply because they want to pat themselves on the back say that they are diverse.

At first it seemed like Dipp was having some fun with the situation. That was until he released this bizzare apology/self-pity video:

This moron equates Twitter making fun of him to 9/11 and acts as though his life was ruined. I am glad Twitter is railing on him, and hope it continues. The ever-douchey Bob Ley (TRIGGER WARNING: his name is similar to Confederate General Robert E. Lee) weighed in, offering his condolences for the "internet trolling":

I guarantee that by the end of the year I will write three or four more of these blogs where I am amazed at how far ESPN personalities are up their own ass. All we can do is sit back and read about how ratings are declining and the company is hurting Disney's bottom line.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

John Dennis is making his return to Boston radio

2days blog is brought 2 U by the letter R ....  Return , Radio , Rotillo , Rodillo ...

John Dennis announced on Twitter that he will be making his return to Boston Radio. Beginning this Saturday, Dennis will return to WRKO 680 from 9AM to 12 PM. He has been teasing this for the last week, mentioning that his agent was discussing terms with the "radio man".

This also came two weeks after Dennis was tweeting about how toxic radio is.