Sunday, September 25, 2016

A Review of Every Guest who has Appeared on "Dino's Casting Couch"

Tomorrow will mark the start of week four of "Dino's Casting Couch" on Kirk and Callahan. In case you forgot anybody I've put together a rundown of who has been on the show, who has been good, and who has sucked. You can hear all of the audio from any of these shows at

Pete "Blais/Blaise" Sheppard 
The Casting Couch started off with a bang by having on ex-WEEI host Pete Sheppard. He's come a long way from saying WEEI was "" and since WEEI management said he would never be back on the station. Thus far in his two appearances he has been funny. The segment when he said he doesn't even know how to spell his own middle name had all three hosts laughing. Hes been able to keep up with Kirk and Gerry, and he's had an all around strong performance. If there was a favorite for the job it is likely Sheppard.

Chris Mannix
Mannix was pretty lifeless. The show never really seemed to get rolling and he he didn't leave much to write home about. In the Sports Illustrated/NBC Sports realm I'm sure Mannix is pretty decent for hours of sports talk, but on a show where you need to be able to talk sports, politics, and dick around he is not the guy.

Christian Arcand
Arcand seemed a bit taken aback in his first few hours but came alive in the second half. It was obvious that he is a small market guy with limited experience, definitely not ready for the WEEI morning drive, but has potential to do well in his future career. Where Arcand really shinned is by having the balls to stand up against Curt Shilling and argue with him. That being said he got his balls ripped off by having a weak argument, but either way it is better than turtling and not saying anything. If he keeps working hard he could have a strong future in the business.

David Portnoy
If you havent heard by now, Portnoy is worth millions of dollars so he isnt exactly a candidate to take the job. That being said, Portnoy was probably the best host that has been on the Casting Couch. Everything that comes out of the guy's mouth is hilarious. Plus he had it out with Ordway in the crossover, and on-air drama is always a win, especially for the morning show.

Gary Tanguay
Tanguay was the perennial front runner for the job before Dino announced his retirement. His Friday afternoon show with Kirk where they were hitting the posts and playing Yacht Rock Radio was one of the best shows the morning show has had all year. Since then he has SUCKED. There is no other way to put it. His Tarry Garrison shtick is done. Now his move is to be completely unprepared, which was hilarious when he first started making waves in the morning. Now it frustrates the hell out of Kirk and Gerry and it frustrates the hell out of the listeners. He got complacent and it lost him the job.

Mike "Mut" Mutnansky 
Mut works his ass off and can really control the "1" chair, so that is a definite win for him. He seems to rub Gerry the wrong way so over time that will likely not be a relationship that would work out well. His other issue is that he can get in the way if Kirk or Gerry are going on rants. That said though Mut has come a long way and is definitely still in the running for the job.

Mike Giardi
Giardi came out of the woodworks with two strong performances. His dick-ish demeanor is great for the show. He knows sports as well as anyone and can keep up with the political talk. He has gone back and forth on twitter arguing with some listeners and Lucy Burdge which, fuck it, is a good thing for this show. He is close to Sheppard in the front running for the job and it will be interesting to see how he does in his next few try-outs.

Curt Schilling
I think a lot of people are Schillinged out. Gerry may get carried away with some of his right-wing rants but Schilling takes it to another level. With Schilling everything, and I mean everything, relates back to "being a liberal" or gun rights. Pile this on with the fact that Schilling isnt exactly a bucket-of-laughs takes him out of the running for the job.

Albert From Rhode Island
One of the worst callers in New England took a trip up from his mental hospital in Rhode Island to host an hour of the show and he was great. I think he pissed more people off than Gerry, Kirk, and Dino do combined. Kirk floated the idea of having a one hour show on weekends where Albert just pisses off callers. Listening to him for more than an hour may cause you to hurl yourself off a tall structure but for that one hour he would be so aggravating that it would make for great radio.

Lucy Burdge
Lucy didnt make too much of an impact in her one hour on the show. She didn't have much to add. But she is back hosting the Post-Show-Podcast and writing a K&C Show recap blog, which has been great so far. I won't show Gerry levels of praise (which were a bit odd considering she sucked in her hour on the show) but she's willing to stir the pot and talk out of turn, and that will take her far in Boston radio.

Kevin From Bristol
Another Rhode Island caller got an hour tryout. Kevin, when he has his script in front of him, is perhaps the best caller in the region. On air he sucked. The jokes were stale and he didnt have much to add. But we did learn that when he calls in he is calling in from the back of his children's clothing shop, so thats an image to be had.

Glenn Ordway
Ordway moved up from his midday show position to try a spot on the Casting Couch. To no one's surprise he delivered. He has known Minihane and Callahan for years now so it wasnt much of a surprise. Plus he pissed Fauria off and the more show drama the better.

Richard Deitsch 
Deitsch, like Portnoy, is not likely to leave his current job for the morning show role. However he was really good. Brought a lot of attitude to the show and hung in like a pro. He came right out at Callahan by saying that he calls everyone who isnt a staunch conservative is "pandering." This set the tone that Deitsch wasnt just in the studio to discuss how great he thinks Jessica Mendoza and Michelle Tafoya are.

Sean Salisbury
Salisbury is an out of towner from Houston with plenty of radio experience. He meshed well with Minihane and Callahan. He was willing to joke around about penis-pic story from 2007 when he worked at ESPN. However, after seeing what a disaster Mike Salk was I think it will be a long time before WEEI hires someone from outside the market.

So there you have it, all the hosts from the first three weeks. Who knows if WEEI will even hire a third host, as they may just go to a big-show rotating cast formula. In the meantime we will just have to see how each new guest handles Dino's Casting Couch.


  1. Kinda sad that everyone who got a shot is a middle aged white guy. Maybe Tanguay was right about Callahan

  2. I think all your ratings are based on what you have heard Kirk and Jerry say.. I don't believe they are your original thoughts.. I'm calling you a phony!