Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Bart Hubbuch May Have His Account Back but he is Done, and Heres Why

Bart Hubbuch is done. He may have re-activated his account but he is done. Last night everyone saw him get destroyed by the internet. And there is one rule of twitter and the internet, the internet never forgets. Take a look at Goodell’s tweets. Every tweet has replies that say “I hate you, release the PSI numbers, youre a clown, youre a liar.” Take a look at Jay Mariotti’s tweets, the douchebag and former ESPN talking head who abused his girlfriend in 2010. He only has 5000 followers so his replies are limited, but when he gets a reply it is from people reminding him what an asshole he is. Whenever Bart tweets he will be reminded thaat he is the guy who deleted his account.

Hubbuch is a dickless troll who will spew out Anti-Patriot tweets and try to get under the skin of New England fans. Before Tuesday night, he might have been successful. Sure he’s a second rate journalist who’s articles probably get as many clicks as my shitty blog, but when someone tears into your team you are usually quick to respond and get pissed. Not anymore with Hubbuch. He’ll do is little song and dance thinking he his tough because hes back on twitter and isn’t fired. Dance for us you moron, dance, for from now on you are the guy who deleted your account and lost to the internet and twitter. And as for him not being fired, his day will come. There is a second rule of the internet (I'm adding to the one rule I said there was before) and that is that the internet always wins.

And for good measure, here are some of the best tweets from last night:

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