Friday, September 23, 2016

Brissett Injures Thumb, Here is how Belichick gets to give Goodell One More "Fuck You" Before Brady Returns

Alright so Mike Petraglia of WEEI just reported that Jacoby Brissett tore a ligament in his thumb on his throwing hand and likely needs surgery:

The Patriots have 10 days of prep before they face off with Sexy-Rexy and the Bills. There are four outcomes that now happen with this injury, all leading to a giant "Fuck You" to Goodell before Brady comes back and destroys the Browns:

1) Jimmy G comes back and throws for 325, 4 TDs and the Patriots win 38-7. The blob and ex blob Ryan brothers are fired before they even get on the plain back to Buffalo and have to fly coach on a Spirit Airlines plain home. Or better yet they take their tandem bike and ride their way home.

2) The Patriots sign a TJ Yates or a Matt Hasselbeck and win comfortably. Lots of dump offs and screens but the defense steps up and gets the win.

3) Brissett's injury isnt as bad as it sounds and its another week of read options, end arounds, and a comfortable win for the pats.

4) Least likely (realistically impossible) but the highest "Fuck You" potential out of them all, Edelman lines up under center and gets the win. Could you imagine Goodell and Rex's fat faces as they see 5'10" wideout lead a team to a 4-0 record.

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