Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Here Are a Few of NY Post Writer Bart Hubbuch's Controversial Tweets

Bart Hubbuch has had a history of run-ins with the Boston sports media and New England sports fans. Hubbuch really came on to the Boston media scene after tweeting an edited video of WEEI's Kirk Minihane on Comcast Sports Net during deflategate saying Kraft's should "You hire someone to Murder [Goodell]." 6 seconds later Minihane said "I'm kidding," but this was edited out in the tweet that Hubbuch posted. This lead to Minihane being removed from Comcast until recently.

Since then, Hubbuch has posted quite a few tweets that have been controversial. Today he posted a tweet stating that it is not a shocking fact that Jacoby Brissett will be the Patriots' first starting black Quarterback in the franchise's history. A large part of this is because for the last 23 years the Patriots have started either Tom Brady, arguably the greatest quarterback in NFL history, and Drew Bledsoe who threw for nearly 30,000 yards with the Patriots. I dont think this is the point Hubbuch is getting at. In case you are completely blind, Hubbuch is clearly saying that Boston is a racist city.

The following are a few of Hubbuch's other controversial and distasteful tweets. If you are at all offended PLEASE keep reading to the end of the post, as I link to his editor in case you would like to complain.

Here is a blog by Kmarko from Barstool Sports that covers the following tweet from Hubbuch where he states that a bunch of "Co-eds" drinking at a tailgate is a bad look:

In the tweet below Ben Rohrbach reminds us of Hubbuch's tweet about Marshawn Lynch being inarticulate:

Hubbuch has also joked about suicide in Boston. When asked what this meant on the Enough About Me podcast by Kirk Minihane, Hubbuch said "I dont know, you tell me what it means" followed by "Boston is a dreary place, the sun doesnt shine in January and February." This tweet was sent on October 23rd.:

Along with this Hubbuch joked about a plane crash that killed a police officer in the officer's home. In his defense Hubbuch stated "I had no idea that involved the death of somebody." Again, this was in regards to a plane crash. I was unable to post this tweet since, like many of his other tweets, it has been deleted.

If you have any issue with these tweets please feel free to reach out to the NY Post Sports Editor at cshaw@nypost.com

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