Friday, September 30, 2016

Is David Ortiz DYING???

I thought Derek Jeter's farewell tour was bad. The whole year I was joking with my buddies that they were going to bury him in center field at the end of his final game. Derek Jeter had had a first ballot hall of fame career, and I still thought that his celebration was too much.

David Ortiz is 40 and his feet hurt, so he is retiring. He has had the greatest final season of all time. Now it has come to the point in the season where people in the media are criticizing the Yankees for not celebrating his retirement enough. HE'S RETIRING, NOT DYING, though if you have been following this farewell/funeral tour you might think he is dying. Why does every single team that he plays against have to celebrate? The Yankees celebration was perfect last night. They gave him a painting and said congratulations, yet this wasn't enough for the media:

This next Toronto series will be exhausting. I said I thought the Yankees were going to bury Jeter in center field, well the Red Sox literally put Ortiz in center field. Can we all just remember that Ortiz is just a baseball player. He's not Ted Williams, he's not Yaz, he's not Pedro. He's the greatest DH of all time and the Red Sox should celebrate his career. But can we just remember he's only a ball player and a borderline hall of famer and stop being so sensitive in complaining that people aren't "celebrating  him enough." This Toronto series will show that he is perhaps the most celebrated player of all time.

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