Wednesday, September 28, 2016

John Farrell is NOT the Manager of the Year

Lets just run through this Red Sox team very quickly. You have a Rick Porcello who will win the Cy Young, David Price, an all-star pitcher who was 13-6 before injury in Steven Wright, a closer with a 2.65 ERA in Craig Kimbrel, Mookie Betts who will likely win the MVP, a 40 HR and MVP candidate David Ortiz, Dustin Pedroia who will likely finish in the top 10 voting for MVP, and Hanley Ramirez who has 29 Home Runs, is hitting .291, and will also get MVP votes. Along with this you have guys like Xander Boegarts, Jackie Bradley Jr., Sandy Leon, and others who are having very solid seasons. If I told you all of this you would think this Red Sox team was running away with the division. They're not. They have five games remaining and have yet to clinch the division.

Though Farrell is a moron, I have to believe that off the field he is a decent manager. His players have been ready to play all season and have made huge improvements from last year (even though they also began making improvements when Torey Lovullo was the interim manager). That doesn't eliminate the fact that Farrell has been a shockingly poor in game manager. If you sit there and write in your columns, post on twitter, or speak on the radio and endlessly defend a man who has lost his team games you may be dummer than Farrell.

Now to the Farrell defenders out there who say that you're a hater if you criticize the guy, lets look at numbers. We have seen Farrell make a decent amount of in game mistakes this year. I'll be conservative and say he cost the team three games from in-game mistakes. I'll also add in two more wins if Steven Wright, the teams best pitcher at the time, didn't get injured after Farrell pinch ran him. Thats five more wins for this team. That would bring their record to 97-60 instead of their current 92-65. If that was the case we wouldn't be talking about the Sox looking to clinch the AL East, we would be talking about them looking to clinch home field advantage.

The reason he may win the award is because some guy in Phoenix, or some woman in San Diego is not watching to see Farrell not pinch hit for Ryan Hanigan or pinch run Steven Wright, they just see the turn around from the prior year. When it comes down to it he probably will win the award because of the improvement this team has made. But the award should be given to a manager who made his team better. This team is better because improvements to young platers and relatively few injuries, not because of the brainless manager.

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