Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Tanguay is Done at WEEI

Gary Tanguay walked out. Again. He's done. Couldn't take the heat.

He had a great run on WEEI. Yes, I said he has sucked lately but he has sucked because he hasn't been energetic. Today he was doing well. Then John from Easty set him off. He couldn't take the criticism from John about being a bad parent then that turned into a "Gary is a pedophile" bit. 

The guys joked and joked and Gary had enough. He can call Minihane a crazy drug addict and Callahan a racist, but come at him with pedophile jokes and he is done. If you call Callahan a racist he isn't going to just lie down like Trump did in the debate. It is morning radio and you are going to get your balls busted. Ken played some Jerry Sandusky sound and that was it. So with a snap of his headphones Gary was gone, and now that he has walked out twice he is likely gone forever.

Oh, and the guys played sound of Gary walking out of the building. He sounded like he was crying. I couldn't tell if it was Gary or Fred Couples crying about Arnold Palmer dying.

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