Friday, September 23, 2016

The Patriots Benefitted From a Short Practice Week, and Heres Why

Everyone thought last nights game was going to at least be close. Jacoby Brissett making his first NFL start and really his first NFL appearance where he wasnt just handing the ball off or throwing dump offs/screens didnt seem to bode well for the Pats. Having only three days to prep seemed like a disaster waiting to happen.

But as usual when the Patriots play the Texans, Bill O'Brien proceeded to vomit all over himself. His team put up 0 points, he was calling time outs that even scrambled eggs for brains Phil Simms was questioning, and the best part was 1st Team All-Hardo Defensive End JJ Watt was completely ineffective.

In their three days of prep Belichick and McDaniels kept the playbook simple and set up a read option/end around offense, something the Pats have never run. It tore the Texans apart. Given a full week of prep the Texans might have at least been able to keep the game somewhat close. Though with O'Brien at the helm it may have been a blowout no matter what.

Oh, and for good measure, that Patriots are 3-0 with their 2nd and 3rd string quarterback, which is the biggest "Fuck You" that the Pats could give Goodell.

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