Tuesday, September 27, 2016

This is the Exact Point where Trump Lost the Election

It's done folks. Mail it in, pack your bags, the big orange's run for presidency is over and it happened at this exact moment:

We have all seen it and when we were little kids we all did it. We wanted ice cream or we did something wrong so we cried on the floor and threw a tantrum. When we finally calmed down our moms would all say the exact same thing, "Whew, ok." At that point we wouldn't get our ice cream and we would still have to go to our rooms. Trump got 'Mommed.' He had all night to rip her for the email scandal. He had all night to rip her for Benghazi. He had all night to yell about the wall. Yet, we didn't hear any of it. He would go on long winded rants and say stuff like a judge was "A very against police judge" and she would just smile, knowing that if anyone who could form a coherent sentence was in The Donald's spot she would be torched. Then in the home stretch of the debate where he just has to hold on for dear life, he goes on a rant. After sitting back and watching him talk himself into a deeper hold she hits him with the "Whew, ok," and laughs him off like he's her child.

I was beyond excited for this race to be close. Last night's show drew Super Bowl numbers. This is the biggest three month show in history. Yet, if Trump isn't going to bring up the dirt on Hillary Clinton and is instead going to rant about what a lard Rosie ODonnell in a PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE then this show was over before it started.

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