Sunday, October 2, 2016

Dino's Casting Couch Week 4 Review/Recap

Last week's casting couch review seemed to be pretty well received. I'll try to put out a recap every Sunday nights to catch you up on the prior week and get you ready for the week ahead, just in case you missed anything. If you are interested in a daily recap check out or the post show podcast where @LucyBurdge does a great job breaking down each show. Now to this weeks review of the casting couch:

Mike Mutnansky 
Mut was back on the couch to start the week. You got what you would expect out of him, and that is a pretty solid performance. Of all the guests we have heard he is probably the best at keeping the show on the rails and moving from topic to topic. He did seem a little irked when discussing the criticisms in my last review. I know that a guy with no radio experience, 170 followers on twitter, and 12 blogs can be intimidating Mut, but I am not that tough of a critic.

That being said my criticism of Mut this week, don't be scared to have an opinion. Minihane and Callahan had to pry his answer of whether he thought Ortiz was using steroids or not out of him. This isnt the Sox booth where you can talk with Tim Neverett about C-rings and D-rings, it is the morning radio show and you need to have an opinion.

Mut was back in on Thursday for the absent Kirk Minihane. When it comes to sports he lives up to his reputation and always delivers a solid performance. He doesn't seem as interested in politics as Minihane and definitely not as interested as Callahan. However, Mut is one of the most prepared guests everytime he joins the show and over the long term I think he would become more and more a part of the political/outside of sports discussion.

John Tomase
Curtis said in Tuesday's post-show podcast that Tomase is a guy who is ready to go from the moment he gets in the studio, and it comes across to the listeners. He was the perfect post-debate candidate as he is as much of a crazy liberal as Gerry is a crazy conservative.

 He took a page out of the Clinton handbook but instead of calling Trump supporters deplorables he called them outright racist. A majority of K&C listeners are at least somewhat conservative, which is why the conservative leaning discussion works and has worked for decades. Between him being a bleeding heart liberal and the spygate story that people somehow still havent let go of, I dont think the relationship between Tomase and the listeners would be a match made in heaven. Though for an occasional appearance he is excellent, especially for some strong political debate.

 Its too bad Kirk isn't as passionate about his candidate Gary Johnson, who thinks our next goal as a society should be to inhabit other planets, as Tomase and Gerry are about Clinton and Trump. If this were the case the on-air debate would be almost as insane as the real presidential debate. Almost.

Gary Tanguay
Christ. Tanguay came in and was doing ok, if not better than he has been doing lately. He admits that he is not an everyday radio guy but is a sure lock for a once or twice per week seat.

Then John from Easty happened. John called in and said that Tanguay is a bad father and he slowly started to fall off the rails, even labeling the caller as a pedophile. This would turn out to be the pot calling the kettle black. A combination of Minihane and Callahan calling Gary a pedophile and Ken "The Snake" Laird playing some perfectly timed sound of Jerry Sandusky (which has coincidentally been wiped from started hurricane Tanguay. He freaked out, smashed his headphones, and stormed out leaving behind only his protein shake and his "notes".

There is no coming back from this for Tanguay. He had his chance to storm out and management let him back on the air. And you know the saying, fool WEEI management once, shame on you, fool WEEI management twice, they wont get fooled again and instead they will erase all interesting audio of the meltdown off of the WEEI website. How the mighty Gary Tanguay has fallen from at one time the almost guaranteed third host role to crying on his exit from the building like Fred Couples did when Arnold Palmer died, only to never return to 20 Guest St. again.

Ben Maller
Ben Maller was in from Los Angeles where he typically hosts "The Ben Maller Show," an overnight nationally syndicated show. Oh boy, it was a SPORTY FIESTA!! I reached out to @SportyRMcKenzie  and he couldnt keep it in his pants for the whole show.

Advanced baseball metric talk, potential MVP discussions, it was a Sporty Mckenzie wet dream and a Kirk Minihane nightmare. Lucky for Minihane he had the day off and Mut was in to keep the show rolling.

All in all it wasn't a bad show, it was just nothing to write home about. Maller was better than Salisbury for an out of market guy since he wasn't saying stuff like "Xs and Os and Jimmies and Joes" or whatever the hell Salisbury was talking about. Maller seemed to get along with Gerry well enough, but in a polite way, not a conflict/debate way. With that said, he definitely did not have the fit to work the morning drive day in day out. At least we got this picture out of it:

Pete Sheppard
Sheppard was back on the couch on the fifth and final day of the week. Everytime Pete is on the show I believe more and more that he is the guy. He fits in well with Kirk and Gerry. He has the same kind of sarcastic/angry style and is willing to joke around and has thick skin, which is more than you can say about other candidates (see Gary Tanguay above). WEEI just has to make sure that it is written in his contract that if he blows up and goes out in a 'Blaise' of glory like last time that his contract is fully terminated, as it is a definite liability.

Thats it for week four. Check back throughout the week for more blogs on Boston sports, the media, and any other shit going on in the world that I think is funny/noteworthy. And be sure to follow @617Report on twitter.