Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Donald Trump has Turned American Voters into a Bunch of Children

I'll start this off by saying I am not voting for Trump and I am not voting for Clinton. I despise both of them equally. I am writing someone in, which I realize is a complete waste of a vote, but I refuse to tell my children years from now that I voted for either one of these clowns. I am writing this blog from the perspective of someone who despises both candidates.

The big headline lately around New England is that Brady won't denounce Trump or anything he has said and instead chooses to stay out of it. How is this is surprise? Its Tom Brady. I've been listening to him in interviews and press conferences for years and he has given the same 'nothing' answer followed by a little chuckle to almost every question he has ever been asked. Today Peter Gammons and Shaughnessy, as well as many other local and some national writers, were questioning why Brady hasn't denounced Trump's comments.
I've got a question, why is it so important that a quarterback answers questions on a political figure in the first place? Do you really need a guy who has never eaten a strawberry to help you make your political decisions?

We get it people, you don't like Trump. But why has it become hate speech and people are so offended whenever someone says that they are voting for the guy? Trump voters are labeled as racist and deplorable by the people and by members of the media. Since when does voting for someone automatically make you a racist? Can we grow up, make decisions on our own and not based on what some quarterback who is scared of tomatoes says or doesn't say, and stop being so offended just because someone is voting for a candidate?

Oh, and enjoy the debate tonight. Its going to be a fucking bloodbath and possibly the greatest 90 minutes of television of all time. And if you want some free money, there is a prop bet that Trump will say "rig" or "rigged" with an over under of 4.5. If you don't hammer that over you are burning your money.

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