Sunday, October 9, 2016

Kirk and Callahan Week in Review

I am shortening the week in review. The casting couch is getting smaller and smaller and I've made my choice of who I think will take the job (see below). Instead of giving you a show by show recap I am just going to hit the key points in case you missed anything.

For more K&C audio head over to to hear anything you missed. Check out the post show podcast by Ken and Curtis. It is informative and sometimes it is like a bad car accident, it is so bad that its good. I'm hoping Lucy Burdge is back doing the post-show blogs this week. If she does check out NotTheGame, she gives a breakdown of each show and its pretty funny.

Pete Sheppard
Sheppard as usual was loud and funny and the guys broke down the Pats lost and David Ortiz's vomit inducing funeral memorial/retirement ceremony.

Andy Hart
Meh. Hart was exactly what you would expect for guy who isn't always on the radio. Didn't do a bad job, but definitely nothing to write home about. I don't even remember what they spoke about.

It was the week of Mut.

Curt Schilling
I have been pretty Schillinged out lately but he was pretty good on Thursday. When he is not relating absolutely everything back to "being a liberal" he's tolerable and its interesting to hear his take on baseball. Since it was the night before Game 1 of the ALDS, it was a good spot for him.

Jon Meterparel
Meter was in on Friday. The last time he was on was early August and I am surprised it has taken this long to get him back. Meter's great. He can take the jokes, he doesn't make me want to slam my head through a window when I listen to him, and he gets along well with K&C. If the job is actually still wide open I think Meter needs another shot. Though if he got the job he might be too busy to take it, as he is the BC play by play guy, a professor, the Paw Sox play by play guy or something, plus probably seven other jobs.

A Must Listen: 
Amy Bass, a professor at New Rochelle College joined the show on Wednesday. She went on to explain her take that people hate Tom Brady because of racist undertones set by New England, as well as the Dropkick Murphys promoting an imagined sense of white ethnic identity, I think? Was that confusing as hell? Absolutely. Her argument doesnt make a god damn lick of sense. But good on her for joining the show to defend her take. I recently graduated college and to be honest, I am so sick and tired of listening to these crazy liberal professors and their students spew this nonsense, so it was great to hear her get called out on it. It was a really interesting and entertaining segment, you can listen HERE.

Line of the week:
Mut: "Drunken Mumbeling" on the Red Sox Roundtable.

Runner Up:
Kirk: Minihane hates everything and everyone at WEEI.

Photo of the Week:
It was an awkward return to the Arbella Early Edition for Kirk on Monday after Gary Tanguay stormed off the show last Thursday. I'll caption this one, Tension:

Now it is time to get into the third seat. I posted on Wednesday (which you can read hear) that I think Mut has closed the gap and is now in the lead for the third host seat. I'm standing by this even after a great performance by Meter on Friday.

Mut fits in great. He is the perfect neutral to Kirk and Callahan. He can control the host role better than any candidate thus far. Plus he is willing to get hammered on air and call in to talk about it, showing he is fine with being self-deprecating. Kirk even made it clear that he thinks Mut is the guy for the job:

Between the Patriots and Tom Brady's return, the Red Sox playoff run if they can somehow get out of this Cleveland series, and the Presidential Race, this is going to be a monster fall for ratings. I say they get Mut in the host seat so they can continue to have solid shows going forward and continue to be the #1 radio show in Boston and New England.

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  1. Jesus Christ I heard all of this already. No new opinions here.

    Meter was great. Mut was better. I don't remember Hart. Schilling is not on the couch. Never was. Sheppard was too quiet this week.

    No round table on demand was the biggest fail of the week. Maybe the year.

    Producers Podcasts are great. Yeah, I said great. Also, this show understands on demand content. The round table would've been online if this crew were in charge.

    Keep Zarbano away from the show.

    That's WEEI this week for me.

    This is Tom in PA or @Jacktspainting