Monday, October 17, 2016

MMQB's Robert Klemko Lied about Bills Fans Screaming "Tackle the Muslim"

The video above is a video of Alexis Dent (@AlexisDent) tackling a dummy with a Colin Kaepernick jersey and wig on. This is tame for Bills Mafia standards. You live under a rock if you haven't seen Bufflo Bills fans drinking beers, getting angry, and going wild in the parking lots before games. On the other side of the parking lot a guy was taking shots out of a girl's ass. Hope the guy didn't get pink eye:

However this 20 second video has become a national outrage after Monday Morning QB writer Robert Klemko captioned it "Bills fans scream 'Tackle the Muslim'." The one problem with that title is THEY DIDN'T FUCKING SCREAM TACKLE THE MUSLIM. However, this headline is so catchy to the PC Police that it is now featured on the NY Post, Sports Illustrated, and various other news outlets.

Klemko is claiming that the tailgaters screamed it right before he started taking the video. So this guy just so happened to hear fans screaming that the girl should tackle this dummy because it represents someone who is a Muslim, but didn't capture it on video? And if they were screaming it, why did they all of a sudden stop right before he started recording? Simple answer, Klemko lied.

In prior tweets Klemko has praised Kaepernick for kneeling during the National Anthem, as has his boss Peter King. Along with this, Klemko had to have known that a tweet with this caption would have a good chance of going viral.

People like Klemko are looking for something to get angry at. They try to turn what was just something that was meant to be fun into a tool for race-baiting. Alexis Dent has denied multiple times that anyone yelled "Tackle the Muslim" and made it clear that she was doing it just to have fun. Now she is getting her name dragged through the mud as if she laid out a dummy because he represented a Muslim, which is not the case at all.
I asked Dent if she has received any response from MMQB about the situation. She stated that she has sent out multiple tweets and an email to their executive editor. No response, other than Klemko telling her that people did scream those words. Dent said that she has proof that no one screamed "Tackle the Muslim," and when the proof is posted I will be sure to send it out.

I should note that the Bills Mafia burned a Tom Brady figurine hanging from a noose a few seasons back. Interestingly enough there wasn't a national outcry when this happened.

Alexis Dent is one hell of a fighter. She didn't got down lightly, attacking anyone who claimed she said this. Check out here open response to Klemko HERE.

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