Monday, October 3, 2016

People saying that the Americans were too rowdy at the Ryder Cup need to get with 2016

I didn't watch the Ryder Cup this year because like the rest of America I was watching football. I would rather watch the Bears play the Lions than tune into golf in early October because football is exciting and golf is what I watch on Sunday afternoons in the summer when I am filled with self pity about going back to work on Monday. This year's Ryder Cup changed that.

I read recaps and saw some video of the Ryder Cup this year and it was nuts. Phil Mickelson popping bottles, golfers making clutch puts and celebrating on the course by wagging their fingers in each other's faces like Dikembe Mutombo, a fan telling Rory that he has a tiny dick and Rory going chin to chin with the guy. This was nuts.

At one point Justin Rose was on the practice green and couldn't sink a shot, so naturally some American fans chirped him. Rose laid down $100 and had the fan try to make the shot. The guy sunk it and the crowd went wild.

This crowd seemed like they would all leave the Ryder Cup and head straight home so that they don't miss the WWE match. Why can't we have this more often? I want a show, I don't want Mike Tirico whispering into his mic "Oh, that was a very good put." I want people going crazy like all other sporting events. Its 2016, and in 2016 people have shorter attention spans than ever. If golf wants to do well with the younger generation who will be watching the sport for years to come they should encourage this madness. Except maybe not having golfers go chin to chin with hecklers. That being said, if you're Rory sack up and go make some puts. You don't see Lebron going chin to chin with fans, instead he just goes out and hammers on the other team to shut the crowd up.

Here is some of the madness that ensued this weekend, as told by twitter:

Bill Murray was getting in on the action:

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