Monday, October 3, 2016

Stop Getting Mad at Trump for LEGALLY not Paying Taxes

People are pissed that Trump hasn't paid income tax for years. If he had done this illegally I completely understand their viewpoint. However, he has done nothing illegal (at least from what has been released). Trump would be the worst businessman in the world if he was just voluntarily paying taxes. When April 15th rolls around do you look at your tax return and say "Man, how can I pay more?" No, you try to be as tax efficient as possible. You likely even send your taxes to an accountant to pay as little as possible. This isnt unamerican, it is just common sense. If you want to hammer on something, hammer on the fact that the tax law allows people to do this, but don't hammer on the guy for legally taking advantage of policy that is in place. I literally have no idea why this is an issue.

Another thing, I heard Hillary use the fact that Trump was "Leveraged" against him in the debate. She said the word "Leverage" like he was a murderer. Trump has been a businessman for decades. In business all leverage means is that he took on debt to help develop his business. Every business does this. If you take out a mortgage then guess what, you are leveraged. Does that make you a hardened criminal? No. It makes you a normal American. He would be a horrible businessman if he was not using leverage. I guess she is just trying to appeal to the Bernie voters who think the Big Banks are SO MEAN AND CORRUPT AND ALL THEY DO IS CORRUPTION!!!

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