Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Whiner Online 10/16

Since the morning show now has beat writers I decided that no one needs a week in review blog anymore. Fun while it lasted. Instead you'll just be getting the Whiner Online for now on.

This week we heard Tomase and Schilling, a ton of Trump and Hillary talk, and your usual whiners. Here are some of the tweets, coherent or not, that showed up in the WEEI host's mentions.

People really really don't like Tomase:

Tension was just high in general in this politics filled week:
But anger by Larry from Newburyport was pretty standard:
People aren't happy with Bradfo for trying to steal Ken:
People hate Kirk, people hate Gerry, nothing too new:
I guess the midday show was washing Brady's balls. Jerry Thornton won't be happy:
And if you missed it, the morning show kicked Adam Silver's dick in after he called Brady a pussy:
Oh, and if you live under a rock and haven't heard, Dino is in Florida...

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