Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Whiner Online October 9th

OMF has the Whiner Line on Friday's at 1:40. Now you get the Whiner Online on Sundays at 8, just following the K&C Week In Review at 7. I found some of best insults, hottest takes, and anything else I found funny that shows up in anyone from WEEI's mentions and put them here for you to see. If you liked this follow to see it every week and tweet @617Report and maybe you'll get a spot in next week's edition.

Just for clarity, I am in no way affiliated with WEEI and any tweets or comments below do necessarily reflect the views or opinions of anyone at WEEI.

This guy wants to get hammered and head to work to get promoted, it worked for Mut:
And apparently drunk Mut looks like Mr. Bean on Meth:
I love the nickname "Forehead" for Gerry. Apparently this person didn't know Gerry went to Dr. DeStefano and is now addicted to hair transplants:
If Mut gets the third host job the show might get renamed "Kirk and the Foreheads"
Though Larry from Newburyport hasn't called lately, he still despises Kirk and Gerry:

Dale was tired of Kirk and Lou's shit on Wednesday:

Rich from Hartford wants all the casting couch guests to know that he has to judge their ass and junk before they get the job:

People will take any chance they get to take shots at the morning show:

People don't like Thornton's jokes:
And people hate that Ordway doesn't stop interrupting:
And think he might need to swap the wings for a salad:

Lou needs to get as drunk as Mut did to cope with this disaster of a Red Sox team:

People are tired of OMF talking over each other:

And finally, Holley got CRUSHED by Kirk and Lou on Wednesday Night:

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