Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Who is the future co-host of Kirk & Callahan, Mike Mutnansky or Pete Sheppard

So I usually give you a blog breaking down the candidates on the Dino Casting Couch on Sunday night at 7PM (and by usually I mean I have done it twice), which I will still be posting this week. But as the search has gone on the couch has slowly and slowly been whittled down to two. It is time to look at the two final candidates.

Minihane made it clear that he would like a rotating cast of hosts similar to the old big show. This seemed like a viable option at first. However now Tanguay is now gone, and he would have been a large part of that rotating cast. Mike Giardi is also out, as he made it pretty clear that he doesn't want to come in by making up stories that he was "chugging NyQil" then being a dick about it on twitter after Kirk and Gerry called him out for not really being sick. The potential rotating cast members are dropping like flies. Does the show really want to keep having guys like Andy Hart and Christian Arcand, who were both ok, but definitely did not draw any new listeners?

So it is time to break down the two very different potential candidates. Let me know who you want by tweeting @617Report and I'll post some of the reactions later this week.

Pete Sheppard:
Sheppard is a 300 pound loud, funny, and opinionated Italian. The "Dale Earnhardt died," "WEEI is sinking,"and many other drops are hilarious. Sheppard's loud personality fits right along with Minihane and Callahan. I'm sure that about once a month we would hear a show that is completely off the rails with all three of them screaming at each other. I do not think this is a bad thing because segments have gone off the rails in the past, it is always hilarious. I'm sure if you asked anyone they would rather hear three guys screaming at each other rather than hear Jerry Thornton say stuff like "Really, ok like, I really really think that Tom Brady is like really the best quarterback of all time." Also, Pete can talk sports and politics as well as any potential show host thus far. He isn't afraid to get in a debate with anyone about anything that he disagrees with.

The downside of Pete is that he may be too much of a type A personality and less of a host. The three person argument can be good, but a lot of the time it is good to have a middle man who sits back and lets the other two argue. When John Thomase, a bleeding heart liberal, and Gerry, a staunch conservative, were arguing after last week's debate, Minihane did a great job of stepping back and keeping the argument on the rails throughout the show. I don't think Sheppard is capable of this. On shows where there is a very opinion based topic to debate I could see the show getting a little too chaotic.

Mike "Mut" Mutnansky:
On the other side you have Mut, who is a 125 pound pure radio host. I've been critical of Mut thus far. I've said doesn't offer his opinion at times because he seems nervous to give his opinions (i.e. did Ortiz do steroids?), and he isn't as knowledgable about politics as Kirk and Gerry. But when listening to the show this morning I thought, is this really a bad thing? Kirk and Gerry are freight trains and the show revolves around them. At any time Kirk can go ballistic and Gerry can go off on a five minute rant about that MAGGOT Hillary Clinton. And when they are doing this Mut keeps the show in check. He isn't the guy to jump in and start screaming his opinions when Kirk and Gerry are arguing, but he keeps the show on the rails and keeps the conversation flowing. Of all the candidates thus far I believe that Mut is the best all around host. Add in the fact that he is always prepared and he has an extremely solid resume.

One drawback Mut has is that when Kirk is at the "Minihane Compound in Kennebunkport" and Gerry is somewhere in Maine tweeting out pictures of sunsets and it is Mut and two talking heads to fill in during the summer, I do not think the show is a must listen. I'd still probably tune in, but it would turn into a Sporty-Mckenzie fest. This being said, this would probably only occur in the summer and the summer book is the least important of all since you only have the Red Sox to talk about and everyone is on vacation.

Mut has something that may play out very much in his favor, he is a WEEI employee. Mut already collects a salary from WEEI. If he got hired to the most listened to show in New England his salary would obviously have to go up. But if they hired Sheppard WEEI would still have Mut's contract as he does Red Sox Review and fill in work, while taking on a whole new large contract with Sheppard. I do not think this is the number one reason Mut would get hired, but I am sure management will be taking this into consideration.

I was very high on Sheppard in my last two reviews. However, now that he has settled in, I'm leaning Mut.