Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Its Election Day and Tim Kaine is still as Annoying as Ever

Mr. Unbearable Tim Kaine. God this guy is such a douche. Whether you hate Trump or hate Clinton, is there anyone who doesn't hate this guy? When he was first announced as the VP everyone just thought he was a boring guy filled with cliches such as "Tough times don't last but tough people do." Sick line Tim. Then the debate came around and Pence couldn't get a word in edge wise. He was like the guy on a conference call who doesn't let anybody else talk.

Now today on election day we get to watch him in the wild and he showed he is even more annoying than we thought. He is like the dad back in highschool who thought he was cool and fit in and understood the youths. There hasn't been that aggressive of a first pump since the Backstreet Boys were popular.

PS-Is Tim Kaine actually the Grinch? Look out Cindy Lou Who.

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