Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Mike Lombardi Shredded Collins on K&C, Wouldn't Call Our Orher Players

Mike Lombardi came on Kirk and Callahan this morning to discuss the Collins trade. There were two key takeaways. He said that there was no contract offer to Collins, meaning that the trade was done strictly because of his play, and he called out Collins' effort and play and the play of the defense as a whole.

My one takeaway is that Lombardi wouldnt call out other players. He was asked who else on the defense was performing poorly and simply said "watch the tape." This is strange considering he was tearing apart Collins' play just minutes after the trade. Not calling out other players made it seem like he was protecting Belichick and the Patriots. If he is saying "watch the tape" then he knows who else was performing poorly. As an ex-Patriots staff memeber, he seems like he hasn't completely let go of "The Patriot Way."

He also got defensive when Kirk called him out for saying he has been critical of Collins all year, saying "Come read my notes." He sounded like Trump when he was telling people to call up Sean Hannity during a debate.

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