Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Patriots Beat Writers are a Bunch of Nut Licking Morons

At this point I think most of us heard about Belichick's letter to Trump. I don't care that he supports Trump. He would have written that letter to Hillary or Gary Johnson for all I can. Either way, him writing this note makes him a massive hypocrite. He has held his players to a standard of absolutely no distractions for his entire tenure as the head coach of the Patriots. His first press conference since the election was yesterday, so naturally he got grilled on the topic, right?

I do have to note that Steve Buckley asked Belichick about Trump. Through Buck's entire question Belichick repeated the word "Seattle" like a child. I was surprised Buck was able to get through the whole question without getting distracted by Belichick being a dickhead. At the end, Bill was asked another Trump question, which he quickly pushed away and finally ended his press conference. I believe it was Mark Dondero who asked the question.

To the rest of the beat writers, can you hop off Belichick's balls please? After Buck's Trump question these nut sucking beat writers asked him 11 questions about either Seattle, Patriots players, even a god damn soft tissue question. The biggest election in modern history happened Tuesday night and Bill was, in a way, a part of it. Yet, they feel like a question about Alan Branch is more important. Even if Bill is going to act like a child, you still have to ask him "Is this a distraction," "Did you vote for Trump," "Can you discuss your relationship with Donald Trump," before you are asking Patriots questions. Instead, the beat writers 'Did Their Job' 'The Patriot Way' and avoided distractions and got quotes to write some crappy story that is just a quote dump with no insight. 

This is the same group of beat writers who bought Belichick a onesie for his granddaughter. I guarantee that onesie is currently sitting in a dumpster outside of Gillette Stadium. How can you objectively cover a coach when you also throw him a baby shower? Are they going to have a birthday cake for him?!? I just hope its chocolate, because that is Bill's favorite. 

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