Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Gary Tanguay Needs to Come Back to K&C

Growing up I knew Tanguay as the boring guy who was on before the Celtics. I had never watched his show or cared about a work he said. Then he came out of his shell to show what a true maniac he is. His Taray Garrison romantic novels, him claiming that Hillary Clinton likes to go to military bases and have foresomes with every branch of the military, or him screaming "BUMBALINA BUMBALINA 4-5-1!!!" to warm up his voice on air. The summer of Tanguay made it seem like he was destined to be the next co-host of Kirk and Callahan replacing John Dennis. 

But when Dino retired Tanguay seemed to calm down a bit from his whacky antics and became more and more sporty. He was getting tired of people thinking he was just moron. When K&C called him Gary Tangdusky he had the most heated on air walk out since, well, the last time he walked out on air. He screamed "I'm done, I'm done, Minihane can go fuck himself." He went on his Early Edition show the next week and was the same old boring Sporty Mckenzie. 

But old Tanguay is back baby. He started posting "velfies." For those of you who don't know, a velfie is a video selfie where Tanguay talks about whatever is on his mind. I think he thinks he made this concept up even though the rest of the world has been doing this for years and calling it a "vlog," but thats Tanguay for you. These velfies are either 30 second videos of him talking into the camera about Dave Dombrowski being a silver fox and or him stuffing himself into his freshman baseball uniform and looking like the Michelin Man.

The one thing I take away from these velfies, Tanguay wants back in. He likes being wacky. Do you think he enjoys listening to that douche Felger tell him that he is "obtuse" because he likes the Chris Sale trade? No. He would rather have Gerry call him obtuse because he looks like Lena Dunham's stunt double in that baseball jersey. He doesn't want to just sit there on his little show and talk about the Patriot's defensive troubles or the Bruins third line. He would rather sing "Hallelujah" with Minihane to make fun of SNL. He wants to have fun like he did on the K&C show. He said it was the happiest he had been in his whole career. He wants to be talking about politics, joking around, and hitting the posts. I've always been a Tanguay guy. I don't agree with most of what he says but when he is being his true crazy personality he is great on the radio. 

Kirk and Gerry said it themselves today, they want him back. How are they going to get Tanguay back? Tweet at him, tell him you want him back. Not necessarily for a full time host role. He may be too unprepared day in and day out for that and probably will not leave his Comcast role, but he should at least take a spot on the casting couch. Would he rather sit there with Albert Breer and talk about the Patriots, or actually have his voice be heard in the city on morning radio? Come back Tanguay.

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