Tuesday, December 20, 2016

K&C Year End Report Card

Oh its that time of year again. In July before football season we write about Mt. Rushmores and in December we write our year end report cards and top ten lists. Is it cheesy? Yes. But whenever I write anything having to do with Kirk and Callahan it gets a ton of views. So here it is, Kirk and Callahan's year end report card:

Kirk Minihane: A
Minihane had a great year. The Podcast has clearly been a big hit. With the show focussing completely on him and Gerry he doesn't have "mail it in" shows like he did when Dino was around. Also, he had a hell of a hit list this year. He, along with Gerry, got rid of Dino, he helped kill that turd Bart Hubbuch, he destroyed Lenny Dykstra, and he got Mike Lombardi off the show, which is a god send. I found myself in a blank stare at the wall in my office listening to Lombardi talk one afternoon, barely conscious. Mike Lombardi didn't make me smarter, he literally put me to sleep. You can tell Kirk is really passionate about the show and that has made it all the more better.

Gerry Callahan: A
I was going to give Callahan a B+. I thought he has been really good this year, but he has been on for so long that it is hard to say he has been considerably better than other years that I have listened. I thought come November 12th when the election dust had settled that the politics talk would be done, other than him ranting about Hillary. Then Trump won. The post election show was one of my favorite shows of all time. He was speaking a mile a minute celebrating his victory. The Trump talk has continued to be great and Gerry, even if you disagree with him, is so passionate about the subject that you have to listen. Expect it to continue into 2017 when we have President Trump in the Oval Office.

Dino's Casting Couch: B-
The couch has been ok. It has its good days and its bad days. The good is that if you don't like someone you usually won't have to listen to them until the next week. While it has definitely brought some good shows and a different tone to the show on any given day, I find that I prefer the shows with just Kirk and Gerry. I think it took a big hit not having Tanguay on the couch. It isn't something I would get rid of, as no one has made any indication that a K&C with only K&C show is what the hosts want. I just don't think there are enough guests in the morning that can deliver a solid performance every time they are on the radio.

Ken Laird: B+
Ken wasn't on the show all year and started out a bit quiet. However, especially in the last few months, Ken has been really strong. I am a huge fan of the drops on air, him always siding with Kirk is funny, and I think he really cares about the show, which is a huge contrast to his predecessor Sausage. Also, the K&C Recap Podcast is surprisingly great. He is taking initiative and coming up with new ideas. Curtis and Ken aren't exactly Mike and the Mad Dog, but they realize that people eat this radio gossip shit up, making it a solid product. I thought the drops in the podcast were a bit excessive, but Ken explained it well today in that they keep the listener interested so it is not just him and Curtis speaking the entire time. How can he get the 617 Report "A" next year? Keep up the hard work and when he is on air (i.e. Saturday Skate), mix it up and don't just stick to sports.

Chris Curtis: C
Curtis was physically gone for most of the summer and mentally gone for most of the start of the year. When he was on last winter/spring he didn't want to have fun and you could tell he hated his job. When he first came back he did not seem to add much to the show, at least from a listener's perspective. Lately he has been better. I really liked his man on the street stuff when talking to the moonbats protesting Trump or capitalism. Listening to Chris Curtis interview people is funny in and of itself and when the opportunity arrises it adds value to the show. He has also shown some extra effort on the post show podcast. His grade in the last 6 weeks: B. His Grade for the first 80% of the year: D+. Whole year grade: C.

John Dennis: A+++++
R u asking y Dino is getting graded even tho he isnt on the show anymore  !?!?!  Don't be STOOOOPID, he was on the show 4 much of the year and his tweets still get read on the air !!   Dino is doing GREAT !! He is re-tire-d in MIROMAR LAKES and NEVER listens 2 K&C.   He doesn't even kno what casting couch is.   How could U give a man who is SO happy 2 be retired,   owns 5 flat screens,  and doesn't drink anything but an A+++++.    If U disagree u r like the river in Egypt, U r in DeNile.   If U think Dino is TOTALLY crazy and retired not 4 his health but cause he couldn't take Kirk and Gerry anymore, U r a mooncalf (look it up if U dont know what it means)  !!1

WEEI Management: D-
Its not sinkingship.com by any means. This is more a critique on how their ideal shows would work, but they are not forcing it upon the shows. I don't work at the station so obviously my views are only from a listener's point of view. Based on today's show these guys do not seem to know what their listeners want. More Bruins talk? No one wants Bruins talk. Not even Bruins fans want Bruins talk. They think they do, but when they start to get third line talk the listener is falling asleep at the wheel and crashing into a jersey barrier. It seems like they want a nice simple boring show that they can sell to their advertisers and say "listen to these guys talk about the Celtics, isn't that great!" If I am an advertiser, I want to buy time from a station that has ratings. That is all that matters. Are people listening to my ad? Yes? Sold. Gary Tanguay? Brings ratings. Mr. Skin? Brings ratings. Stop the 1995 mindset that all people want to hear is boring sports talk and get with the thought that people want to hear debate, discussion, and some talk other than just sports.

I did bump them up from an F because they added Rich Keefe. Hopefully he changes the "Agree, Agree & Agree" show to a show with some actual conflict.

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