Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Pressure is off David Price with the signing of Chris Sale right? Wrong.

The Red Sox traded for Chris Sale today. That should take the pressure off David Price and his atrocious playoff record right? Wrong. Price is a head case, as shown by his tweets over the last few weeks. The end of his tenure with the Red Sox will not be a happy ending. Whether it is after this season or a few seasons from now, his time in Boston will end with both sides being unhappy.

We all know about Price's 0-8 playoff record, including him. It is the beginning of December and he is still firing off tweets about the fact that he is 0-8 in the playoffs. He is showing that he cannot take the Boston heat (which really is not that hot, especially when you have the beat writers sucking on your toes). He tweeted "Hatred from Boston fans...that never happens 😐...thanks for your support I'll train hard to make you happy 😂" after someone tweeted at him saying they were going to dress as a playoff start, which would scare Price more than anything. Is Price the Red Sox's Donald Trump, firing off tweets at his haters instead of just going out there and proving himself? And what does he expect? He is making over $30 Million a year and puked all over himself in the playoffs and had a 3.99 ERA in the regular season. Of course there will be backlash. 

I remember when Price was coming to Boston people talked about how "fun" he was on twitter by interacting with the fans. Lately he has just been a douche. He gloats about how much money he is making because people are coming at him for his poor performance. He is also tweeting from his balcony in Hawaii about how he has never won a playoff game. It is just strange. I reached out to David on twitter multiple times but never got a response. I am sure he saw my tweets, because you know he reads every mention, but I recieved nothing. 

Here are some of his tweets about his money and his playoff record. If this is already happening after one season then get ready for the dumpster fire that will be the next 5 seasons.

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