Saturday, January 28, 2017

Bart Hubbuch is OUT at the NY Post. Deletes Tweets Apologizing for 12/7/41 9/11/01 1/20/17 Tweet

Per Kirk Minihane, Bart Hubbuch "No Longer Has a Working Relationship" with the NY Post:

The reason for the firing isn't officially stated. I called the NY Post and they declined to comment on the situation. Hubbuch fired off this hot take during the innauguration comparing Pearl Harbor and 9/11 to Trump's inauguration:
Hubbuch received a ton of backlash on twitter, eventually leading him to delete the tweet and issue the following apology:

Those apology tweets have also been deleted. Hubbuch deleting the apology shows me one thing: He is the true douchebag we knew all along. He showed no remorse for being completely insensitive to those who were affected by the two worst acts of terrorism committed against the United States in the country's history, and the apology was just an attempt to save his job.

Hubbuch has been a notorious troll that first emerged in Boston eye when deflategate began. Today proved that bad things really do happen to twitter assholes. Lets look back on some the best tweets Hubbuch has fired off in the last year or so:

This one started a fire. We all thought we were so close to getting him fired. A dumb take that it was no surprise the Patriots have never started a black quarterback, clearly hitting on the idea that Boston is a racist city. People were hammering the lines at the NY Post so much that the call receivers were hanging up on callers. This lead to Hubbuch's twitter being deleted for 24 hours before coming back from the twitter dead. He had lost all steam at this point, but it wasn't until today that the good guys won the battle:

This one is just dumb:

Bart, always sensitive to others, was joking about how its not a surprise that Bostonians would be talking about committing suicide:
There was one other tweet where Hubbuch made a joke about a plane crashing into a house in an accident where people died. That one was deleted. 

Well goodbye Bart. It has been fun. Since I know you're a HUGE Trump guy, this ones for you:

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