Friday, January 6, 2017

Bomani Jones Receives Criticism and Turtles

The ESPN model is to be a race-baiter or make asinine comments and NO ONE is there to challenge your opinion. You can say or tweet whatever you want as long as it has good left wing values at its core. Yesterday twitter went after Bomani Jones and I wrote a blog about how he is a race-baiter. 

Let me say this about my blog. I currently have 639 followers. I have a business degree and I am not a "Capital J Journalist." When I write something every few weeks I try to write my take on what I think my small niche is interested in with a little bit of humor. My blog is clearly not meant to seem like anything other than that. Bomani went at me yesterday. He was angrily tweeting me after I asked him for a comment. I admit, I called him dickless before I asked for a comment, but grow a sack. I am not the New York Times or Fox News, either say sure or just ignore me. He ended up blocking me after I "made a show" of him implying the city of Boston is racist. What does this truly show about Bomani (and ESPN as a whole), challenge their opinion for one second and they freak out. He cant take the heat from a small blog that challenges his opinion. Imagine if he had an actual challenge on his show instead of Toni Reali giving him a little point every time he says a sentence.

This was most apparent when Minihane called into Bomani's show as "Kevin from Boston." When Kirk said who he really was Bomani almost broke his neck from turtling back into his shell so fast. Bomani immediately yelled for his producer to cut the call. You could feel the fear in his voice. He proceeded to call it a "stunt." This wasn't a stunt. Bomani realized that he was about to be challenged, something that doesn't happen at ESPN, and cut it immediately.

If as a national member of the media you are going to have such a steaming hot take then defend it. Don't tell your producer to "bang on this" and cut your only challenge that is calling in to debate you and ignore every interview request from the city that you imply is racist. Keep up the 0.0s Bomani.

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