Thursday, January 5, 2017

Bomani Jones is a Race-Baiting Moron

Brief background on this story: Gordon Hayward and the Utah Jazz came into Boston on Tuesday where Hayward received some cheers from the crowd. Many fans would like to see Hayward come to the Celtics as he is a solid player, thus cheering for him as they have done for players in the past. Jae Crowder took exception to this, speaking to the media after the game that he was not pleased with the crowd cheering for another team. He fired off a few tweets after the game showing his anger towards the Boston fans.

Bomani Jones spoke on his ESPN Radio show about the issue. In Bomani Jones fashion, he turned the issue into a race issue by insinuating that Boston would prefer Hayward because he is a white player. He stated "You know and I know exactly why Gordon Hayward gets those claps in Boston."

He proceeded to respond to the twitter masses saying that he never called the city racist. If we are going word by word he is absolutely right, he never says the word racist. However, he is clearly implying that Boston fans cheered for Gordon Hayward because he is a white guy, following along with the stigmatism that Boston is a racist city.

Saying that a fan base would prefer a white guy to come play for them implies that the fan base is racist. If you work for a company and hear that the company is hiring a white guy and you get excited that he is working there simply because of the color of his skin, that is racist. If fans get excited for a white guy to come play simply because of the color of his skin, that is racist. Saying fans are excited at the potential for Gordon Hayward to come to the Celtics because he is white is nothing but race baiting. But since he never said the word racist he thinks his hands are clean?

BUT Bomani DID in fact call Boston a racist city. In 2012 Deadspin named the The Five Most Racist Cities in America. The writer named Boston as the second most racist city in the country, writing: "2. Boston. Of course, Boston has to be near the top of this list. I actually knew a handful of people from Quincy, Mass. One of them referred to black people as "colored" people. And it wasn't an innocent thing. I think he genuinely liked how it sounded when he said it." The writer reached out to Bomani, who is apparently is the go to analyst for racist US cities, who approved of the list. Lucky us Boston, we got the Bomani Jones stamp of approval as the second most racist city in the country.  Though I assume Bomani would again say he never said the word racist. 

Bomani Jones is just another ESPN race baiting moron. The Kevin Blackistones, Israel Gutierrez, and the Dan Lebetards can make anything a race issue and go unchallenged. Maybe this is why their subscribers have been tanking over the last year. Or maybe it is because 90% of their content is physically unwatchable. Go try to watch Sports Nation where people are screaming non-stop or SportsCenter where they have Star Wars characters dancing around with awkward hosts, your body will actually shut down. 

But wait, TURTLE TIME!! Multiple radio stations in Boston reached out to Bomani to ask for him to come on the show and discuss his comments. Kirk and Callahan? Nope. Ordway Merloni and Fauria? Hard no. Toucher and Rich? Nah. Turtle Turtle Turtle. 

With that said, congrats to Bomani. I had to download the podcast of his show in order to hear his full comments on the issue. With that I have become the first person in New England, and quite possibly the country, to hear the Bomani Jones show. Maybe in the next ratings book his show will go from a 0.0 to a 0.1.

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