Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Dan LeBatard is a Race Baiting Moron

Jesus Christ. This is the third blog covering 4-5 race baiting clowns from ESPN in the last two weeks or so. Today is it Dan Le Batard. When discussing the Falcons/Patriots matchup he said:

Le Batard: Is anyone gonna at any point in 2017 America point out the contrasting styles that we have in this Superbowl? Two very different cities, the wide receiving cores from both teams are very different.

Cohost (Stugotz or whatever the guys name is?): Are you talking about how Edwin McCain performed at one game and Ludacris performed at the other?

Le Batard: As we head to Superbowl week...is anyone going to dare wander into that topic? We've got Julio and Mohamed vs. Danny and Chris. No? We gonna avoid that?

I am actually surprised it took until Tuesday for Le Batard to make this a race issue. I am genuinely surprised. But we are finally here, Le Batard made this about the white guys up in Boston who love all the white players because they are white, at least in his eyes.

When I tuned in to try to get an appreciation for the Le Batard show the first thing I heard was him asking his seven Boston listeners "Are you that stupid?" He implied that Boston is a racist city, turned to page one of his ESPN handbook, read that he has to say he is being sarcastic, and tweeted out that you are dumb if you don't realize he is "just being sarcastic." Of course everyone saw right through this after seeing half of the ESPN talking heads make careers out of this formula.

"I do not care if we lose this affiliate." I don't blame you you fat moron, you do a 0.0.

"I'll tell you what I'm tired of, (Kirk and Callahan and WEEI) keep going after me and Bomani...Lets make it the last straw!" Yes dummy, they keep going after you for two main reasons. 1) Bostonians realize what a joke ESPN has become so they are interested when its talentless hosts call their city racist. 2) ESPN hosts are cowards who turtle when confronted on their comments and the radio hosts expose that.

Look, there is no reason to write 8000 words on this clown. We all know he is a professional race-baiter and he always will be. Here is why the ESPN race-baiting is an issue. Below are a bunch of tweets from Le Batard's and my mentions saying "yeah Boston is racist!" I GUARANTEE that most of the people tweeting this crap have, at best, spent a week or two in Boston if they have even been here at all. They haven't experienced the "Record Scratch Effect" here that Amin El Hassan claimed he has experienced. They have simply heard other people call this city racist so they are following right along. By these race-baiting morons on ESPN perpetuating the myth that the whole city of Boston is racist, it continues this false narrative. Like I have said before, I absolutely acknowledge that Boston has racists, just like every city. But to call an entire city racist is ludicrous.

And just for good measure, I dug up Le Batard saying "Boston is racist." This is from 2012 when Le Batard was "on the rise." He was "roasting" Boston after the Heat beat the Celtics in the playoffs. It is no wonder Le Batard made it as one of ESPN's biggest faces, that "and also balls" joke had me rolling on the floor laughing (this was actually sarcasm).

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