Monday, January 9, 2017

More "Boston is a Racist City" claims from ESPN, feat. Jemele Hill

Surprise surprise, more race-baiting coming from an ESPN media platform. This time it is on a smaller platform than ESPN radio or on TV. I saw that the True Hoop podcast, an ESPN podcast, was discussing the Jae Crowder incident so I decided to hear their take. The podcast features Amin Elhassan, Big Wos, and Black Tray, this week with guest Jemele Hill.

The hosts were discussing the Jae Crowder/Gordon Hayward incident. I am going to try my best to attribute the correct quotes to the correct people, however I am not a frequent listener so please forgive me if I mix up the quotes. I urge you to check out the whole clip here from 34:15 through 38:15 in order to listen for yourself.

Unkown: "First of all, having dreads in Boston, you're not winning in that situation."

Big Wos on Jae Crowder not being a Boston guy "He is though, he's blue collar and pick yourself up by the boot straps, he's all these stupid cliches that these people claim to love so much."

Amin Elhassan: "Kyrie Irving could never play in Boston, thats who they hate right there."

Stop right there. What an unbelievably dumb statement. There isn't a Celtics fan in the world that wouldn't take Kyrie Irving.

Wos: "Jae Crowder didn't realize those people were having a religous moment (laughs from the co-hosts)...he didn't understand the cultural significance there."

So now a white guy playing on the court is a religious experience for these fans? I DM'd Wos asking him if he thinks Boston is a racist city. He said to mark him down as seeing Boston as a racist city, as it is really white in its sensibilities and learnings. He also said that of course Boston fans rooted for Hayward partly because he is white and to pretend him being white had nothing to do with it is disingenuous.

Jemele Hill: "Look I mean, I've had my issues with Boston, trust me. In talking with the people who live there, and even the black people, yes they have those (laughs)...I think what (people in Boston) resent is that Boston is often in position and caracterized as an especially racist city. And I think thats a little unfair. I don't know if its espeically more racist than a city that size, its racist because this is America. Its not a racist city, but there is racism in the city so therefore, like 1+1=2. They resent them somehow being the gold standard of racism in a major American city."

I don't get it. Is Boston a racist city or not? Hill says Boston isn't a racist city, but 1+1=2?

Elassan: "They kinda are, for (a city) north of the Mason-Dixon line...Compared to New York, Philadelphia"

To which Jemele chimes in "Compared to Philly, are we sure about that? Eh I dont know, I dont know, I don't know..."

Hopefully sometime this week we get Jemele Hill's racist city power rankings. She just states that she doesn't believe that Boston is a racist city, but then comes back and, albeit somewhat jokingly, is debating which city ranks higher on the racism scale. She JUST SAID people from Boston are sick and tired of being labeled as the gold standard of racism in a major city, now she is joking around that they are high on the rankings? Also, since when is joking that a major city (one that many of the residents subscribe to your network) is racist just a fun thing to laugh about?

Elhassan: "Let me put it to you like this, how would you quantify how racist a town is. Its easy, record scratches per square foot. Its a funny thing from movies, thats a thing that has happened to me in Boston. Walk in and the music stops and everyone who is in their original conversation turns to watch. Places a stones throw from the arena."

I asked Elhassan, who is an ESPN employee, his twitter handle is @AminESPN, what this meant. He said "It's the city that most mirrors a southern black experience as it related to how despite being in the north." I asked him to elaborate on this. He said that he explained it plenty of times on his podcast and to go listen to older episodes. He didn't comment when I asked how much time he has spent in Boston or how many times the "record stop" effect has happened.

I don't know if Amin Elhassan has ever walked into an establishment in the city of Boston and it was like a "record scratch," I don't live his life. This is implying that a majority of people who frequent a Boston establishment stop and turn when they see a black person walk in a room. I will tell you from my experience in bars and resturaunts across the city that I have never once seen this "record scratch" happen. If someone ran into a bar screaming or wearing a hat with lasers shooting from it, maybe. But if your average patron, be them black, white, asian, hispanic, or any race walks into a bar, the whole bar doesn't turn their head.

Wos follows this comment and explains that places like New York has racism but it is more culturaly diverse to even out the "uber white places," which is something that you don't necissarily get in Boston.

From New York City: White: 44%, African American: 25.5%. Boston: White: 53.9% African American: 24.4%.

Wos goes on to say: "I tell people, thats the birthplace of the White-America Bro, thats the Mecca of bro-ness, so thats what you're gonna get."

I honestly have no idea what that means. I didn't know we are an espeically bro city, Boston, so much so that we are the "Mecca of bro-ness."

I spoke to Black Tray as well. He noted that he does think that Boston is a racist city, which he admits is ignorant, but it lacks diversity from afar. However, he plans on coming to Boston to see for himself. When asked if he thinks Celtics fans cheered for Hayward because he is white, he said "heck no."

If this was just a podcast from some guy in your neighborhood, who cares. If you are an independent producer of content, say whatever the hell you want. This is on If you want to find this you can click around and find this. Obviously the race-baiting has been going on for some time now at ESPN, but for them to allow the allianation of an enitre city is baffeling. I have said it a million times before, if you are on ESPN you can say whatever you want and call an ENTIRE CITY racist and there will be no challenge and no reprocution. We have seen it with Bomani Jones and Israel Gutierez this past week. They say whatever the hell they want, CALL AN ENTIRE CITY RACIST, then turtle into their shell when confronted. If this podcast got some legs would ESPN management put forth some form of reprocussion for calling an entire city racist on their website? Hell no.

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