Thursday, January 19, 2017

Reactions from Different Groups of Fans after Trump said Brady Called Him

Trump just spoke to Robert Kraft at the inauguration dinner. Speaking about Brady Trump said "Your friend Tom just called, he feels good, he called to congratulate us." This may not even be true, but either way Trump said it. So naturally tonight on twitter and tomorrow will be a media shit storm. Here are the reactions from the perspective of different groups of fans.

Normal fans: Who cares. The president just acknowledged that Brady called him. Is it really a big deal? No. He is just a football player anyways. Unless he is a nazi why the fuck should I care what a football player's political stances are anyway? Maybe I'm a little annoyed because this goes against the "no distractions" mantra, but as a whole who the hell cares. I'll enjoy hearing a bunch of moron callers lose their shit about it on the radio on my drive to work.

Die Hard Pats Fans: Fuck yeah, go Pats. "We're on to Pittsburg." I didn't even vote this election, but Trump is a winner. Brady AKA the GOAT and the biggest winner of all time is just shoutin' out Trump. THE GOAT CAN DO NO WRONG! Get this politics shit outta here and talk sports. When I'm drivin' to the packy to pick up my Pats can Bud Lights I want to hear about how we're gonna fuck up the Steelers, not a bunch of political garbage. GO PATS!

Moonbat Liberals: I cannot believe that Brady called Trump. This is an outrage. Didn't he learn his lesson during the election? Between Brady, Belichick, and Kraft supporting Trump I have completely lost faith in this team. I cannot even watch them. Anyways, I have to go call Susan Pease to see if she wants to get dinner during the game...

I'll try to update this with some of the hottest takes I can find around the web, so check back in.

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  1. Who cares! I have been a Patriots fan way before tRump and will be a fan way after tRump is gone .GO PATS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!