Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Problem with 20 Somethings. "The Patriots have a Trump Problem" is a lazy and biased pile of Garbage

Charlotte Wilder

Today Charlotte Wilder from SB Nation wrote a post titled "The Patriots Have a Trump Problem" and oh boy is it a lazy, biased, steaming pile of garbage. To sum it up in one sentence, she states that "many" Patriots fans are losing interest in the team because Brady/Belichick/Kraft all supported Donald Trump in some way. If she was an at least somewhat unbiased writer then I might give her the time of day. However, if you check out her twitter timeline, it is a cesspool of anti Trump tweets and content.

Her main basis of this article is that her friend's mom and a couple of other people said they don't watch Patriots games anymore. First off, if you can't watch a football game because some guys on the team support the President of the United States, then I do not know how you function in society. Do you not shop in any stores that support Trump? Are you unable to have conversations with anyone who supports Trump? Second of all, since a few people said to Wilder that they do not watch the Patriots games that means "many" people all across New England don't?  So many people are so offended that it is causing the Patriots problems? I'll acknowledge that, like she stated, 60.8% of the state voted for Clinton. But enough of this 60.8% is so offended that it is causing the Patriots a problem? I don't think so.

I'll say this to reflect on both this article and my generation as a whole. Background on me, I'm 23 and I went to UConn, so I was on a very large campus with a lot of students. I am so damn tired of young liberals my age acting like they have this great grasp on everything that goes on in the world and that they are "higher thinkers." Most of them have not worked a real job in their life and paid bills and rent and been self sustainable, or at least not for long. They don't think in reality and instead just think with their hearts and follow the values instilled in them by their liberal professors. Then the college campus becomes one big circle jerk of praising liberal ideas such as "HIGHER TAXES ON THE RICH" and "EVERYONE NEEDS FREE COLLEGE" without understanding how that will effect the rest of the working citizens. This was prevelent after the election when schools were canceling classes and creating safe spaces for their students who were upset about Trump (such as Doggo the therapy dog and the appreciation station at UMass).

At its core, that is what this article comes down to. Wilder hates Trump and found one or two people she knew who said they don't watch a football game because a player, coach, and owner support the president, and she extrapolated it across an entire region. This is lazy and most of all naive.

It is important to note, so I do not do the same thing as Wilder, that not all 20 somethings are like this. Some, both conservative and liberal, have very well thought out and fair viewpoints of the real world/political world. However, it is the ones who only view the world from their sheltered bubble who always seem to be the loudest and always seem to drown out the sane ones.

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