Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Goodell Says he Would Come back to Foxboro if he was Invites, Says the League is Transparent...Uhhhh, Not so Much.

Goodell had a ROUGH press conference this afternoon. The clown who is the NFL commissioner got up on stage and continued to lie and dodge his way through deflategate, Patriots, and other questions. Here are the best three moments (if you hate the commissioner):

Goodell: "If I'm invited back to Foxboro, I will come" Uhhhh.....

Shank asked Goodell about the perception of avoiding Gillette Stadium, to which he responded "If I am invite back to Foxboro, I will come." This answer puts out the perception that the reason he did not return to Foxboro and instead turtled by going to Atlanta for two straight weeks is because he was not invited to Gillette Stadium. This is total bullshit. Jonathan Kraft explicitly stated that owners do not extend invitations to the commissioner.  This reason Goodell has not been back to Foxboro is because he does not want criticism. He surrounds himself with yes men who wont eat pizza until Goodell has the first slice. The reason he hasn't been back to Gillette isn't because he hasn't been invited, its because he does not want to be booed.

Deflategate Never Dies: 

In regards to deflategate Goodell said that the courts "supported the facts" of deflategate. That is not true. Tom E. Curran came from the top rope and fact checked Goodell on the fly, saying "One quick fact check, the court didn't uphold the investigation, it upheld your right to go ahead and do what you did." Bang. Shots fired by Curran. Goodell responded with a response about the courts, but this time did not say explicitly that the courts reversed the case because of the facts of deflategate.

Curran then asked about the erosion of public trust in the NFL office. Goodell said that the league is transparent, and that the league works to earn credibility everyday through their actions. What a fucking joke. From deflategate, to concussions, to relocating teams, the league is anything but transparent. Goodell then pivoted to a question from an NFL Play 60 kid. What a puss.


Tying in transparency, Goodell has said that he is always available for questions, yet does about three interviews per year. The interviewers are always pro-NFL stooges who stroke Goodell's shaft during the interview (see Coling Cowherd last week). The whole reason the Barstool guys did a sit in in the NFL headquarters was so they could speak to Goodell, yet he refused to speak to them and instead had them arrested.

When asked about the ban on Barstool employees he said "I am not familiar with this." Goodell isn't familiar with banning the company who's president yelled "YOU CAN'T JUST LIE, LIE, LIE. HITLER, HITLER" as he walked into the deflategate court hearing? That is a lie, lie, lie.

Goodell was asked by a Boston Herald writer why all of the Trump questions were removed from the media night transcript. Goodell said he is not aware or responsible for this.

As the commissioner of the league Goodell seems to be "generally unaware" of some major things going on within his league. This league and this commissioner are about as transparent as a brick wall.

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