Sunday, February 5, 2017

Here are my bets. Take a look that way you can ridicule me if I am wrong or praise me if I am right. I was dead on in AFC championship weekend, I had the Pats 33-17. Actual outcome was 36-17 so I'd say thats p good.

I'm taking the Patriots at (-3):
I was pretty confident in that Steelers game because I had watched the regular season game and saw that the Steelers defense had no shot against the Patriots offense. For this one I am not sure, but I am just going with the fact that the Falcons defense isn't that great. I think it is either going to be 38-35 Pats with the Falcons blowing a late lead, or 38-24 Pats with a late falcons score and the game was never even close, with no in between. I am going to go with my guy and stick with the 38-24 prediction. I don't think the Pats D lets up more than 28 and I think the Pats offense definitely scores at least 30.

I'm taking the points at 58.5.
Both my predictions have the over. I think one team scores at least 35 and the other team scores at least 24 and that takes us to the over at 59. With Brady at the helm and Kyle Shanahan's high octane offense I have to take the over.

Over Under National Anthem (1:58): OVER
I did my research here, so trust me. I watched two youtube videos of Luke Bryan singing the national anthem and both were over two minutes. I don't think there is any reason he would shorten it up for the Super Bowl. I'm taking the over with confidence. And this won't be like last year where the singer held the last note for an extra 5 seconds to barely keep the under.

Will Luke Bryan be wearing anything other than blue jeans for the anthem: No
Does Luke Bryan own pants that aren't jeans?

Will "Houston we have a problem" be said during the broadcast: No
Last year a "how many times will the Golden Gate Bridge be shown" bet made me a sucker. I think this is one of those that you think "oh, of course Joe Buck will say something dumb like this,"
but realistically I don't think it happens.

How many times will "deflate" or "deflategate" be mentioned (o/u 1.5): Way over
If they make it out of the first quarter without hitting the over I'll be surprised.

Heads or Tails: Tails
Don't be stupid.

Length of first reception by Chris Hogan (o/u 11.5 yards): Over
I feel like I haven't seen Hogan catch anything under 12 yards ever. Unless his first reception is a ten yard touchdown the over should hit.

Total yardage of all touchdowns (o/u 100.5): Under
Even though it will be a high scoring game I don't think there is a long touchdown from Julio Jones and I think the Pats touchdowns will be inside the red zone. Take the under.

Will Malcolm Butler intercept a pass: No
They'll stack Butler and some help up against Julio Jones. Jones wont get a lot of targets and Malcolm will have fewer opportunities for a pick. I'm going to say nope.

Will the opening kickoff result in a touchback?: Yes
Touchback percentages this year: NE 56% ATL 64%. I don't think either team starts with any funny business and blasts the ball through the back of the endzone.

Will a "roughing the passer" be called: No
NE and ATL each have had one roughing the passer called against them all season, so go with the stats here.

First Touchdown Scored: Danny Amendola at 22/1
Throw $5 on it and get a nice payout if it happens.

Superbowl MVP: Brady
Just book it.

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