Saturday, February 4, 2017

If you are a Patriots fan who cant root for them because of Trump you are a child...oh, and FUCK Bill Maher

Two parter here. I've seen what, five or six columns now with people saying they used to root for the Patriots but simply can't because of their ties to Trump. If you are one of these people then you are a child. Look, I don't like Trump. I'm not a big Trump supporter who is annoyed with these people because they don't like my guy. I just think that if you cannot root for a team because the coach, owner, and quarterback are friends with the president then you need to fix your priorities. They are not hanging a "Make America Great Again" banner next to the Superbowl banners (and don't give me the crap about the hat in Brady's locker which was well before anyone thought Trump would win the primaries nevermind the presidency). So to the Susan Pease and the guy from the Washington Post who said it is difficult to root for the team because of the Trump connection, grow up.

I think of all this the same way as when any celebrity comes out and supports a candidate. Yes, they say who they are voting for. Am I going to vote for that person because some celebrity with their head in the clouds said to vote for them? Absolutely not. Why should the political affiliation of some celebrity that I have ever met change the way I vote. Now if the celebrity is out on the campaign trail it may change my opinion of them. However, if all the person does is give them an occasional phone call, which is all Brady has done, then it shouldn't change my opinion of the person. If you are out there saying Brady, who donates a fair amount of money charity and has repeatedly shown that he tries to help out those in need, is a horrible person, then you are a moron.

With all this being said I'm ok with Brady getting questioned about his ties to Trump. He should be questioned because everybody knows he is friends with the guy. However him giving non-answers and brushing the issue aside as much as possible does not come as a surprise. He has given non-answers to most questions that do not relate to his diet and workout since he became the starting QB seventeen years ago.

If you are a Patriots hater to begin with, maybe a Jets or Denver fan I sort of get it. It adds fuel to the fire that is your hatred for the Patriots. However, you aren't hating the team simply because of their ties to Trump.

Fuck Bill Maher:

I fucking hate Bill Maher. If you hate hot takes you should hate him too. He came on his show last night and said "Fuck you" to Brady and Belichick. I may not like Trump, but him making people like Bill Maher and Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham go insane just makes me so happy. Hearing Lena Dunham was on her period for thirteen days because she was so upset about Trump brought vomit to my mouth and happiness to my heart. But anyway, Maher is the same guy who, in regards to the Red Sox honoring the marathon bombing victims said:

Congratulations, Red Sox. OK, so, the parade, you know, they go to the place where the marathon bombings took place and they put the World Series statue there and sing 'God Bless America' and sing 'Boston Strong.' It seems to me that the reaction to this horrific crime- -you know it was, again, a bad day. Three people dies, that's terrible. More were maimed, that's horrible. But unfortunately that happens every day in a car accident and everything else. I mean, your city was not leveled by Godzilla.

Brady reached out to the marathon bombing victims and I am sure he donated. Do you want to say "Fuck him" for that too Maher? For someone who acts as this "higher thinking" liberal, Bill Maher really is a huge prick.

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