Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Jim Brady is a MASTER at contradicting himself

Jim Brady is the Ombudsman aka the Public Editor for ESPN. Brady is supposed to represent the public voice in response to ESPN's content. With the country seeming more and more divided by the day with Trump as the president this role becomes ever more important. I have been critical of Brady as he has been relatively silent regarding ESPN personalities calling Boston a racist city. Today he finally addressed these issues in a long 3000 word article addressing ESPN employees' use of social media. There is a lot of garbage in the article, but what I want to hit on is one particular paragraph that made me laugh.

Regarding the topic of blocking people on Twitter, Brady wrote:

The second issue is whether ESPN is OK with its personalities blocking users on social media. ESPN’s social media policy does not directly address this, but my opinion is that trying to avoid blocking is probably the best plan. Sure, if you’re dealing with a nasty, persistent troll, blocking might be your only option -- though muting achieves some of the same goals -- but ESPN personalities should avoid using blocking when the issue is a simple disagreement.

What makes this so funny is that Brady praises Bomani Jones throughout the entire article. If you dont remember, Bomani Jones is a race baiting moron who called the city of Boston racist. Bomani Jones will block you at the drop of a hat. When people from Boston were going back and forth with Bomani regarding the issue he was blocking people left and right, often times, to use Brady's words, over a simple disagreement. 

I, like so many others, am a card carrying member of the "#BlockedByBo" club, as one of his brain-dead listeners calls it.  If by Brady's logic you should only block if someone is a "nasty, persistent troll," then I should not be #BlockedByBo. I went back and forth with Bomani after he didn't give me a comment for a blog, but I never called him anything more than a moron. I tweeted at him after the Super Bowl from my other account saying "Thank you for the content loser" because the Patriots beat his Atlanta Falcons and I featured his tweets in a blog. Dumb tweet? Yeah sure. Nasty, persistent troll? I would say I was not. But alas, #BlockedByBo. There were many other people who tweeted at Bomani things that were nowhere near offense or nasty, but Bomani hammered that block button. 

I think it is hilarious that Brady's example of an employee with strong social media conduct absolutely contradicts one of his two major points of the article.  This reminded me of another time Brady contradicted himself. About a month ago Kirk Minihane called Brady a coward for not coming on K&C. This is not an insult, this is a fact. Jim Brady is a coward when it comes to defending his opinion.
BUT earlier in the year I had gone at it with Brady and called him a "dummy." One could also argue this to be a fact. Brady then scolded me, saying that those who use name-calling have come to a last refuge and have no argument or ideas. Yet Brady name-calls Minihane? Does he not have an argument or any ideas? WHICH IS IT?

Yeah, this guy is definitely a dummy.

This article by Brady is just a small look at why ESPN is bleeding subscribers and their ratings across the board are way down. No, their Ombudsman sucking at his job and apparently not caring that people in Boston are turning on ESPN is not the reason for the subscriber loss. The main reason, other than people cutting the cable all together, is that their on air talent sucks and people don't like the ESPN content. This lack of caring from the Public Editor does show that ESPN seems to be slipping across the board. 

If you want to read this "clown's" article for yourself click here. Also, if one of the few people out there who isn't blocked by Bomani wants to tweet this at him be my guest. 

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