Monday, February 6, 2017

Me Laughing at Patriot Haters

This blog is pretty stupid. However it makes me laugh so I am going to write it. This is just me laughing at all of the Patriots haters. Please find these people on twitter and make sure they know that people are drinking their tears.

First the standard Patriot/Tom Brady haters.

HAHAHAHAHA Marshall Faulk!!! Did the Patriots tape the Falcons practice too?

Parkers prediction: the Falcons. HAHAHAHAHA MORON!!


HOT HOT HOT Take here.
Hows your ratings Cowherd

OH BOMANI HOW COULD I FORGET. I love you Bomani, I love you so much. You have given me so much content in the last month and a half, you are just the best.

BART HUBBUCH CRY FOR ME. Rough few weeks for Hubbuch. Lost his job and the team that he hates with all his heart won the Superbowl.

I don't remember ESPN's joke of an ombudsman hating on the Patriots. Whatever, he sucks at his job and is a Jets fan, so I'm guessing he is not happy.

And now for my favorite ones. My absolute favorite ones. The people who hate the Patriots because of Trump. Not only are these people losing their mind over Trump, they are pissed because the team Trump is associated with won:

HAHAHAHAHA Dave, oh my gosh what a LOSER!! Dave must be curled up in a ball somewhere having a mental breakdown because Trump is still the President and the Patriots won.
Remember this? How could you forget. Hey Charlotte, please check in on Susan Pease for me. Though I know she REFUSED to see the game I am sure she is in a rough place right now.

Oh my god my sides hurt. This might be the best one you dick.

I am really dehydrated, Maher's tears should help with that.

I was going to go writer by writer but I really want to go get a coffee so I'm going to make it easier

What trash papers these are. They ran their dumb articles about the Patriots having a Trump problem. DUMB DUMB DUMB. I can't wait until these papers are getting liquidated sometime in the next ten years.

"WHAT ABOUT THAT STUPID BOSTON GLOBE IT SOLD FOR A DOLLAR" hahahahahaha Dugan Arnett who interviewed his facebook friends about the their issues with the Patriots and Trump hahahahaha.

HAHA, Michael Che who called the whole city of Boston racist.
Barry from Deadspin called Brady a dreadful person. LOOOOOOSERRRR!!!

:) :) :) :)

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