Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Pete Abe defends David Price in his mentions

Today David Price tweeted out the following tweet:

This is low hanging fruit. I mean, come on David, you were making the "I can't win a playoff game" jokes earlier in the offseason because people were hammering your mentions, and now people are right back at it. I jumped right on this because I thought it was funny, as did some other people. My reply got 140 likes as of the posting of this blog:

I guarantee that I am muted by Pete Abe. He has tweeted that he is a big muter in the past and for all the crap I have given him in the last 6 months I almost don't blame him. I used to do the "Pete-Abe A-hole tweet of the day" where I quote tweeted a tweet where Pete was being a dick to some guy asking him a question. I say this because I did not get a reply from Pete Abe to my dumb tweet at Price.

I scrolled through Price's mentions on this tweet to see if he was getting any additional "win a playoff game" blowback and to my surprise, I saw none other than Peter Abraham, the Red Sox beat writer for the Boston Globe. From my understanding, Abraham is suppose to objectively cover the team for the paper. His tweet was in response to another troll.

I use a screenshot here incase any of these tweets are deleted. I can't think of ANY Boston media members who would be tweeting at trolls with fewer than 70 followers (ahem, GO FOLLOW @prayfordino).

The fact that Peter Abraham feels the need to scroll through the mentions of a player who makes $30 Million a year to defend him against faceless trolls erases all of his credibility. How can anyone who reads his work be confident that he is reporting the full story and not washing the player's nuts or hiding anything to protect the player. I will say this though, if you scroll through Abraham's timeline and look at his replies to people, he is a grade A dick.

I am just about the farthest thing from a journalist with integrity, but even I could tell you that this is a bad look. Read Pete Abe if you want, I don't care, but in the back of your mind just remember that he is scrolling through the mentions of player's tweets to make sure there aren't any mean twitter eggs making fun of them.

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