Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The 2017 Boston Sports Twitter Awards

Oh boy has it been a slow month since the Super Bowl. What is there to talk about? The Celtics? Boring. Patriots contract negotiations? Boring. There hasn't been any drama since the Super Bowl. I guess that can only mean one thing: It is award season.

The Oscars were this past weekend, the Grammys were a few weeks before that. Today we have the 2017 Boston Sports Twitter Awards. Here are the awards for athletes, media members, and all the Twitter trolls:

The 'Most in the head of a Boston media member' award: DaleEArnoldTextLine @PrayForDale
The text line had a solid year. I am convinced that he helped get rid of 4@4 (Annnnnnnnnnnnnndy!!!) and recently he has gotten in the head of Mut. Lately the text line has been criticizing Mut night in and night out about his new show. As someone who often tweets into the abyss (aka tweeting at people when you know you are muted) I know that it is not often that you get a reaction. However, recently the text line was mentioned on Kirk and Callahan, where Mut accused Minihane of operating the account. He said that he was getting annoyed by the constant tweets. 'Stick tap' text line for owning even the smallest bit of real estate in Mut's mind, keep trolling those hosts.
The 'Twitter is in your head' award: David Price @DAVIDprice24
This winter David Price took a vacation to Hawaii. Instead of enjoying the nice weather he was tweeting "Cant lose a playoff game from Hawaii." The mentions are getting to Price. Some 14 year old tweeting 'Win a playoff game' really hits Price hard. Personally I feel awful for Price. It must be so difficult to make $30 Million a year and have to deal with eggs telling him to win a playoff game. Hopefully this award helps him out.

The 'Most boring Twitter' award: Tony Massarotti @TonyMassarotti
Felger doesn't have a Twitter. Well, thats not exactly true. He has one that is operated by CSN with the bio "Attention Twitter dorks: Felger won't be Tweeting (yet), but this is his official account." What a douche. Hopefully Felger will start using his twitter so Mazz can quote tweet everything he posts and say "I AGREE MIKE!!!" Until then we will have to settle with takes such as "This game is hideous" and "Sick tip." 

This was my favorite Mazz tweet of the year. Did he take it from a moving train?

The 'Biggest a-hole to his followers' award: Peter Abrams @PeteAbe 
Congratulations to Pete. When he is not tweeting that the Red Sox are mesmerized by a bird inside the clubhouse he is firing off snarky tweets to anyone who asks him a question and doing anything he can to protect players on Twitter. Unfortunately Pete won't see this award because he muted me, along with about 90% of Red Sox fans.

The 'Biggest Blowhard' award: John Dennis @JohnDennisWEEI
Dino is da the BEST tweeter on Twitter  !!!  What would u do if u RETIRED and went 2 Miromar lakes  ? Golf   ?  Sit on the beach  ??   NO !! I would be tweeting away  @ ppl w 82 followers  & an egg as their Twitter picture !  Feel free 2 unfollo if U don't like it !
The 'Best use of Google Images' award: John Dennis @JohnDennisWEEI
Big award night 4 Dino  !! U have 2 look FAR AND WIDE 2 find ANYONE who does a better job @ using google Images 2 tweet out HILARIOUS tweets  !   Congratulations Dino !!

The 'Biggest troll of the year' award: Larry from Newburyport @GiantonioLarry
There are a lot of Twitter trolls out there, and I think this is potentially the most highly coveted Twitter award. Larry doesn't get this award for quality, but quantity. The frequent weekend show caller HATES Minihane, so much so that his entire timeline is dedicated to telling Minihane how much he hates him. Congratulations for all your hard work, Larry:

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