Monday, February 6, 2017

The Root writer claims that the Patriots are the team racism roots for and says the Patriots are "race-adjacent." Dumb

Oh man, it took 12 hours. 12 hours of celebration before we got back to the "I HATE THE PATRIOTS BECAUSE TRUMP!" Trump derangement syndrome once again rears its ugly head, this time in The Root article by Stephen Crockett Jr. titled: Black America needed an Atlanta Falcons win because it would have meant racism lost. I'm sure ESPN is already working on making this guy one of their chief editors.

The Root is meant to make you laugh while incorporating politics or ideas in relation to African-American culture. This article made references to memes and in part was trying to be funny. However, the premise is just dumb. At its root however, this article's message was serious. At the end of the day it is more race-baiting garbage and an attempt to call Brady, Kraft, and Belichick racist without doing so directly.

Crockett never says "Brady/Belichick/Kraft are racist" but instead says that they are racist-adjacent. Crockett just got his ESPN bonus doubled. Making harsh race accusations without going all in and slightly walking the comments back? It is like Bomani Jones or Dan Le Batard wrote this article. I asked Crockett if he thought that the Patriots are a racist organization, because calling them racist-adjacent is effectively calling them racist. To no one's surprise he walked it back and basically said 'Hey I am just pointing out that they are friends with Trump, who is a racist.' Crockett also told me that "The Patriots are the team that racism roots for."

So what Crockett has done is media race-baiting 101. Imply that the Patriots and Kraft/Brady/Belichick are okay with racism because they associate with a guy that Crockett thinks is racist, go as far as saying that all the racists out there in America are wearing Brady jerseys cheering for the Pats and racism, and then back your comments back by saying that you never called the team racist. This act is so tired. I told Crockett that what he is doing is a prime example of race-baiting because he is trying to get his audience to think "Yeah, fuck the Patriots, they are a bunch of racists." Of course his reaction was, "No I am not trying to get my audience to think a certain way."

That is bullshit. I write these blogs because I have an opinion and an outlet for that opinion. I want my audience to form or further develop their opinion based on what I write. To say 'Oh no, I just wrote this because I think its funny, I don't care what my audience thinks' is a lie.

The premise of this article is dumb. Then for Crockett to argue that he never called the team racist because he never said those exact words is weak. Trump derangement syndrome is live and well and I am sure that with that miraculous win there will be plenty more of these articles posted about Brady's relation to Trump or how people can't watch the Patriots or hate them because of that relationship. Those people are dumb. Oh well.

I will give Crockett credit. I may disagree with him but at least he didn't turtle like Bomani or Le Batard do. A media member standing up for and willing to defend his opinion? Maybe ESPN wouldn't hire him after all...

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