Tuesday, February 14, 2017

USA Today writer makes false claim, says Brady told teammates they should put politics aside regarding a White House visit

The picture on the left is what you would see if you went to USA Today right now. On the right is the original headline and lede by A.J Perez saying that Brady says "his teammates should put 'politics aside' when it comes to visiting the White House." The reason 'politics aside' is in quotes is because Brady said these words. However, in context they in no way supported what Perez wrote.

Brady was on Pro Football Talk with Mike Florio this morning. Regarding visiting the  the White House, Brady said "Everyone has their own choice. There's certain years, like a couple years ago, I wanted to go and didn't get the opportunity based on the schedule. We didn't get told until I think like 10 days before we were going, and at that point I had something I'd been planning for months and couldn't get there...it really is a great experience. Putting politics aside, it never was a political thing. At least, it never was to me. It meant you won a championship and got to experience something cool with your team, with your teammates. Everyone has their own choice. It's an offseason. These days are valuable for everybody. You only get so much time with your family and friends, and if people don't want to go they don't want to go and that's their choice."

Brady never even came CLOSE to saying his teammates should put politics aside. Brady simply says that he himself puts politics aside. He acknowledges that it is his teammates' decision whether they want to go or not.

Some call this clickbait, which I guess is technically true, but I'd like to call it what it actually is: A bold faced lie. I'm guessing this guy hates trump, is pissed Brady is friends with him, and wanted to write a headline and story that would get attention. When I think clickbait I think of Buzzfeed headlines like "17 gifs that are just SO you." This wasn't that. This was taking three words that Brady said and making them mean something completely different.

What's WORSE is this guy then tries to throw his coworker under the bus, saying that he doesn't typically handle his headlines. Even if he doesn't handle the headline it is still his responsibility to make sure that the story doesn't get completely spun around by someone else. Perez felt a little bit of heat and blowback and tried to blame it on an editor. What a coward:

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