Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Why Beat Writers Dont Get Read andSports Radio Get Ratings

I just listened to the Evan Drellich interview on WEEI and he was great. He came on, was pissed off, and argued. A big criticism that he has is the radio show doesn't stick to sports and they get into "Jet Blue Peanuts" and said WEEI has become a reality TV show. There is a ton that can be taken away from this interview but the biggest takeaway that I got is that the beat writers have NO IDEA what the people want to read.

First of all, the reason sports radio has been so successful is because it is not all boring sports stuff. Drellich's most recent article is "Little room for error in the Red Sox Bullpen." If sports radio only discussed the Red Sox bullpen or "Craig Kimbrel fine-tunes mechanics in camp" (another Drellich masterpiece) people across New England would be driving their cars into jersey barriers. People want to listen to drama. It has been said that Tanguay walking out is one of the most downloaded audio segments on WEEI. My favorite bit in the last year was the March Madness Media A-Hole bracket. Fucking Ken Kaird and Chris Curtis have the second most successful podcast on WEEI. People LOVE media drama and funny bits and do not care about boring Xs and Os talk.

I understand, if you are on the beat you have to do some of these boring stories. But if there was a beat writer who was a dick or if the Herald had a media critic that person would get read. I am not a talented writer. However, I write angry and I am a dick. I call Bomani Jones a race baiting moron or say Bart Hubbuch is an asshole or do bits on Kirk and Callahan because IT GETS READ. People don't read me because I find facts or am the next great Boston sports writer, they read me because I am fired up. I would bet that some of my stuff has more clicks than some of Drellich's work and I have 1000 followers. Of course if Kirk and Callahan retween my shit it will get read, but none the less it is something that people find relevant so they click on it. When I first started this blog I did some boring Xs and Os super sporty stuff. When I realized that that got no clicks and calling out media members got thousands I completely dropped the sporty crap and fired off insults. I threw shit at the wall and found what stuck, and that is media stuff, Trump related issues, and issues with teams, not Xs and Os.

Drellich really exposed himself when he wouldn't say a beat writer who everyone hates or call out a player for being a dick. That is boring. I understand not calling out another member on the beat, it might not serve Drellich well in his current role. However, calling a player a dick is interesting. I rarely read anything by the beat writers. The content they put out puts me and 80% of Boston sports fans to sleep. If a beat writer wants to get read they should get pissed and rant, just like Drellich did today. Put it this way, I hate Shaughnessy. However, what am I more likely to read, Drellich breaking down the Red Sox 4th and 5th starter, or Shaughnessy calling all of the Patriot's opponents Tomato Cans? I am clicking Shaughnessy every time.

Here is the link to the interview. It is a must listen.

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