Thursday, March 9, 2017

I am all for Mut as the full time third host of Kirk and Callahan

On today's Enough About Me podcast Minihane brought in Callahan, Ken, and Curtis to propose the idea of having Mut become the full time third host. This wasn't a gung-ho "I want this to happen" proposal from Minihane, as even he isn't sure that he is all for it, but more of a discussion of the idea. This is not the first time that the idea of Mut as the full time host has come up. Back in October Minihane tweeted that he was ready to make Mut the full time host:
This was when Mut was on a bit of a hot streak and just after he got hammered on air. Since then his stock has gone up and down in the eyes of both Minihane and Callahan.

Personally, I love the idea. I have been a pro-mut guy since the casting couch first started. I like Mut's ability to host a show and let Gerry and Kirk go at it when they find a topic that they disagree on. He is the best pure-host of all of the casting couch members, and probably the best on sports. His weak point is that he isn't that great at discussing politics. That being said, I Gerry and Kirk are so good at political discussion and drawing reaction from the audience that it is ok if it isn't Mut's strongest attribute. I think people tune in to listen to Kirk and Gerry and this has been the case all the way back to when John Dennis was on the show. Having Mut on the show every day would produce a solid show five days a week, while keeping the main focus on Kirk and Gerry.

Having Mut would also provide consistency when Kirk or Gerry are on vacation. The fill-in shows over the Christmas break were brutal by all accounts. A few weeks ago there was a show with Gerry, Reimer, and Sheppard. It wasn't a disaster by any means, but it seemed a bit all over the place. Having Mut in with Gerry or Kirk when one of them takes a vacation day could help provide consistency all year round. As Kirk said on the podcast, casting couch members could be the bench for these days.

I have been a bit down on the casting couch lately. Trenni, Reimer, and Mut are the main three on the couch, with Meter coming in when he isn't somewhere calling a BC basketball game. I actually like Trenni a lot for one day a week. I think she provides a moonbat liberal mindset that can make for a good fight. However, one day a week is enough. I'm not a big Reimer guy. I'm not a Twitter egg who tweets "REIMER DAY, I'M TURNING ON THE SPORTS HUB" while they continue to listen to every second of the show. I just don't find him to be that enjoyable to listen to.

After Reimer, Trenni, and Mut the couch lacks depth. When Meter is on the show it may be a "comfortable listen," but it usually isn't anything to write home about. After that there really isn't another person who has shown they can consistently come in and deliver week in and week out.

I messaged a few listeners of the show on Twitter and they were all for keeping the current format. They liked that each person on the couch shakes things up and provides a different opinion. Everyone seemed to like Mut a lot, but they noted that they enjoy how bringing in different co-hosts shakes up the conversation throughout the week. The Kirk and Callahan Twitter account put out a poll asking if they would want Mut as a 3rd host. 56% of people said "No," which is about what I would expect. If people hate either Trenni or Reimer they probably voted "Yes," and if they like the enjoy the change every day they probably voted "No." I also think that people are comfortable with the show how it is and are resistant to any change.

Overall you cannot say that things aren't working for the morning show. They are number one in recent ratings, so its not like they desperately need to shake things up to improve their numbers. However, I believe that the majority of people tune in to hear Kirk and Gerry, not because someone they like is sitting on the couch. There are a number of logistical reasons why the change might not work as well. On the podcast Gerry mentioned the money and Minihane said management doesn't want to take Mut away from the night show and his work with the Red Sox broadcast. That being said, if it is logistically possible, I am all for the idea.

I recommend checking out the episode of Enough About Me for yourself on or the podcast app, because at the end of the day I'm just a fucking part-time blogger and you're better off listening to what the guys on the show have to say.

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