Sunday, March 26, 2017

One year ago today Chris Christie got caught pouring a small bag of M&Ms into a bigger bag of M&Ms

What a year for Chris Christie. Shortly after announcing that he was ending his campaign for president in February of 2016, @PeteBlackburn caught the porky New Jersey Governor pouring a small bag of M&Ms into a larger bag as his gut took up half of the picture. Pretty bad look for a guy with a 60 inch waste. It has been downhill ever since for Christy. He was Trump's fat puppy dog throughout the presidential campaign. Did this get Christy a spot in Trump's cabinet? Nope. Instead Trump forced Christie to order meatloaf when they got dinner recently. 

Its been a rough year for New Jersey's blob of a Governor. Things can turn up from here right? Well when these two pictures are floating around I don't think anyone can have any less respect for Christie who can only be described as a shape:

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