Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Pete Abe calls a guy racist because he doesn't like David Price

Pete Abe aka the jock-sniffing-nut-licking-stooge beat writer is back at it again. The Sports Hub tweeted out an article saying that David Price will be out of the rotation to start the season, which Abraham retweeted. "Brad T" (@collegesbumpire) tweeted back at Abraham saying "better off without him!." Considering Price has taken a lot of heat in Boston for his relatively poor performance, this seemed like a pretty standard anti-Price response. Pete Abe responds:

Pete Abraham: @collegesbumpire sure thing, Grand Wizard.

I didn't insert the tweet from Abraham above because it has since been deleted. The Grand Wizard reference that Abraham makes is to the Grand Wizard that is the head of the Klu Klux Klan. I spoke to Brad T and he said the only reason he made his comment is because of Price's "Attitude and lack of winning big games." Nothing regarding race. A glance at the guy's account and he doesn't seem to be a "Grand Wizard." He just seems to be a Twitter troll with 61 followers that Pete Abe felt the need to reprimand.

This is the same Pete Abe who DMs people on twitter who have been harsh against David Price in the past. This is the same Pete Abe who DMs people on twitter who have called him a fan boy. Abraham's first instinct to immediately jump to the defense of a player and fend off twitter trolls with 50 followers doesn't help his fanboy image.

Following this, another tweeter jumped in and asked why Abraham tied in racism, and they went back and forth. Abraham deleted these tweets as well. Luckily, Jared Carrabis (who said Abraham was a bigger dick to him than anyone else on the Red Sox beat has ever been) hopped in and screen grabbed Abraham's tweets so they will be on the internet forever!

This isn't the first time Abraham has jumped to the defense of a player, I wrote about how he was defending Price in his mentions a few weeks back. But I think this is the first time that he has accused someone of being racist with absolutely no reason to believe that they are. Abraham has written about David Price receiving racist comments when he was warming up in the bullpen (which there has never been any evidence of). David Price thinks the whole city of Boston is basically out to get him, so whatever he says is going to be biased. 

This is a new low for Pete Abe. Yes he is a dick. Yes he's a nut licker. But accusing a guy of being racist with zero proof other than the fact that he doesn't like a player? That is Bomani Jones/Dan LeBatard level shit. Whats worse is he doesn't even have the guts to stand by it, as he deleted the tweets.

What makes Abraham even more dickless is that he will never see this because he has both of my accounts, and 90% of twitter muted. If you have made a single comment that is anti-Red Sox I would expect that you are muted as well. However, if you happen to be one of the anointed ones who Abraham still receives notifications from, feel free to tweet this at him (or the Boston Globe for that matter) to let him know that his race baiting tweets got saved before he could delete them.

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  1. Peter Abraham is a jerk. He tweeted about Xander Bogaerts and I had replied that they will be better off letting him go when he is a free agent. He had a nasty comment saying it was the dumbest comment and its only 9:00 in the morning. I filed a complaint against him and am currently writing the newspaper. He is an egotistical jerk. Not to mention, that Xander complained last year about being tired, and every other radio personality from Mazz to the morning guys said it might be good to save the money and let him walk when he is a free agent.