Wednesday, May 24, 2017

David Price once again shows that he has the mental toughness of a highschooler

David Price made a rehab start today in Pawtucket. It did not go well. He went 3.2 allowing 6 earned runs on 8 hits. Not good. 

If that wasn't bad enough, the Price "woah is me" story continued after the game. He skipped his post game media session and sped through the parking lot. Price remind you is 31 years old and in year two of his $217 million dollar contract. 

Price's childish actions and poor performance over the past six months is turning him into a villain in Boston. After choking in the playoffs, Price sent off quite a few Tweets voicing his displeasure with the hatred and blowback from fans. He even Tweeted about how he couldn't lose a playoff game when he is on vacation in Hawaii:

During spring training Price had an interview with the Globe and made it clear that he feels very disconnected from the fans. He basically said that he thinks everyone is out to get him and everyone hopes he fails.

The poor AAA outing is one thing. Had Price spoken to the media there would have been some talk of his poor performance, but the fact that he sped off like a child is going to make this the story of the day. This incident is going to fill up Price's Twitter mentions, which gets even deeper in his head.

This doesn't even feel like a John Lackey situation, where there is a chance that he bounces back and has a rebound year. With these poor performances in Pawtucket I assume Price won't be coming back for a few more weeks. If he does move up to Boston I'm predicting he will have a few horrific starts and he will get sent right back to the disabled list. There is no reason to believe that he will toughen up and throw well in the third year of his contract. At that point no one will be offering a 33 year old coming off three bad years $96 million and he will pick up his player option. That is unless he truly hates it so much here and cant take it and decides to large pay cut. Either way, he will not live up to his $217 Million dollar contract, physically or mentally.

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