Saturday, June 3, 2017

A Boston Globe photographer wasn't let into Brady's Best Buddies game. The reaction was laughable:

On Friday a Boston Globe photographer arrived at the annual Best Buddies football game, a game Brady has played in each of the last few years. The photographer was not allowed in and escorted to his vehicle by security. If you are lucky enough to have one of your five free articles left, here is a link to the story.

In April Bob Hohler wrote about how Brady has helped raise over $46.5 Million for Best Buddies. At Brady's request, Best Buddies donated $3.25 Million back to Brady's own charity. I have no problem with this. I think that for money he has raised by being an ambassador for Best Buddies that it is perfectly fine for him to get a donation back for his own causes. Charities donate to other charities all the time. While I agree that the story should have been reported, the way it was reported made it a total hit piece. Not only did it make Brady and more importantly Best Buddies look bad, but I am sure that it will have a negative impact on the donations to the charity. The story was at the top of (I cannot comment on whether or not it was on the cover of the Globe as I refuse to pay $2 a day for that liberal toilet paper).

Considering the story likely affected Best Buddies donations, it should be no surprise that they completely cut ties with the Globe and bar them from any non-public event. The Globe trashed the charity and now they want the right to prance on in to take pictures to help them sell more papers and get more clicks!? No thanks, said Best Buddies.

The reaction to the story is what entertained me yesterday. I saw moonbats (I'll post some of the tweets that I saw below) saying that Brady was classless and even compared it to Trump threatening to bar the media and remove credentials. This was a Best Buddies event. Brady doesn't travel around with a posse of security. This was the Best Buddies charity security keeping the photographer out because the Globe slandered the charity, not someone representing Brady. And even if it was Brady who told security to keep the photographer out I would have no problem with it. You can't trash someone and then expect them to come right back a little more than a month later and help you sell more papers.

I have never seen a group whine more than the media, especially when it comes to not getting let into something. And yes, I understand the media is there to report so obviously they will be more vocal on Twitter than certain other professions. However, whenever something doesn't go the media's way they Keyboard Army unites and sends off a full fledged attack on the issue! And by that I mean they fire off a few angry tweets after wiping cheeto dust off of their fingers and farting on their sofas. So here are some of the laughable reactions to this story:

"Classy as ever" as if Brady is typically a classless douche. Considering this is a Globey, I'm guessing the sarcasm comes from Brady's support of Trump. Just a guess....

Again, if a media outlet trashes a charity you then expect the charity to say "come on in, have a good time, enjoy the clicks you will get on the story!"

The article in Mastrodonato links to a story about Trump removing press credentials. Same thing really as barring a photographer from an event.

Actually, as I re-read the reactions there are not nearly as many media reactions as I thought. Instead the usual suspects just retweeted the tweets listed above. Because I don't want to re-write this whole thing I guess I'll just post a bunch of people shitting on the Globe instead. Enjoy!

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