Thursday, July 13, 2017

Curtis' announcement, NFL player 'mic drops', rat fucks, and spring ratings: A recap of a wild day for K&C

Kirk and Callahan blogs have always been the cornerstone of the 617 Report. If there was ever a day to recap, yesterday was the day. From Curtis' announcement, to ratings announcements, to NFL players walking out, to a lifetime ban of a rat fuck, today was the most eventful day in recent Kirk and Callahan history.

Chris Curtis' Announcement
Curtis announced that he is an alcoholic. Ever since college he has had at a minimum multiple drinks per day and drank as much as two handles of gin per week (about 78 drinks). Just after he quit his job in April of 2016 he cut himself shaving and woke up in a pool of his own blood. Somehow the whole time he was able to hide his drinking, continue to perform his job, and set the dialogue for the city.

Coming out and admitting that he has a problem and is working hard to fix it took guts, especially considering that thousands of people across New England were listening. Congratulations Curtis for making that change in your life. To go from living an in an absolute hell for years to cleaning yourself up, saving your relationship with your imaginary wife, and coming back to your old job and succeeding at getting Gerry a coffee every day, all while remaining sober for over a year is an incredible feat.

You can listen to the audio of his announcement here.

Alex Reimer's Lifetime Ban
Reimer knew about Curtis' alcoholism for some time now. After his recent ban he threatened to release Curtis' secret should he not be allowed to come back on the casting couch.

It is not my spot to call for the job of a guy that I don't know (other than Pete Abe, Jemelle Hill, Dan LeBatard, Bomani Jones, just to name a few...). However, at any other company you would be fired on the spot if you were blackmailing a co-worker about his alcoholism or any health issue. Not only would you be fired, you wouldn't be able to find a job in town again.

Reimer can apologize all he wants, but that is a fucking snake move. As a great man once said, he's Ratatouille from the movie Ratatouille. This is far worse than going on a TV station and talking about an event that your company paid for you to go to without mentioning your company's name (he did that). This may even be worse than cheating on a boyfriend or girlfriend (oh yeah he did that too).

Blackmailing using someone's health issue is beyond low. Considering Curtis hid his drinking for years, he could have been teetering on the edge of relapsing. Even if he wasn't on the edge, Alex threatening to tell all of New England about Curtis' problem could have triggered him and pushed him towards a relapse.

Though Reimer doesn't have a problem with outing people's secrets, he tried to out a writer from the USA Today as gay (the writer is straight by the way). 

I see people on Twitter say "___ is on? Changing the station," which is usually total bullshit, they are listening to the whole show. When it comes to Reimer, I'll probably just change the channel. Part of this is because the only time that he will be on the radio is on weekends breaking down the Red Sox schedule for the next four months with Butch Stearns. But the main reason is that I have no respect for someone who completely disregards someone else's privacy when it comes to a major health issue. He sucks on the radio. I'm all set.

Brandon Marshall Walks Out
Yesterday was the slowest sports day of the year. There are no games on any major sport's schedule. Yesterday is usually used to discuss the Red Sox mid-season report card or the Mount Rushmore of Celtics legends. If you told me that Brandon Marshall would "drop the mic" and walk out on an interview today and it would be a blip on the Boston sports media radar, there is no way I would have believed you.

Marshall thought he was going to come on Kirk and Callahan and it would be a Peter King like interview, filled with ass kissing and giggling. He was asked one question about his past comments on race regarding Tom Brady's suspension and was about done, mere moments after saying that athletes shouldn't have to stick to sports. He was asked about his prior incidents with domestic violence and walked out.

Marshall just seemed weak. He is a typical pampered athlete who is used to having his ass kissed by every reporter out there. It wasn't much to get worked up over, he really wasn't even a dick. He spilled his coffee on his way out and apologized. It was interesting to see one of these athletes who has one tough interview for every 100 times he gets his ass kissed react.

You can listen to the interview here.

The Spring Ratings are Out
Following a huge show the ratings were announced and Kirk and Callahan is number one in all key demos in both Boston and New England. Kyle DaLuz put together the five reasons that the show has risen to the top.

In my opinion, the main reason the show is doing so well is because of how the reaction and the following the show gets both during and after the show. I started this blog thinking I would write about sports topics and quickly realized that if I hopped on the train and wrote anything about the Kirk and Callahan show that it would get a ton of clicks.

It's not uncommon for me to be eating lunch in the office and hear someone else bring up an argument that happened on the show. Usually once every week or two my dad or one of my buddies will shoot me a text saying "are you listening to K&C right now," when the Battle of the Brainless is going on or when Kirk is losing his mind. People are actively listening to the show, not just passively tuning in to get a daily sports take. I mean for Christ's sake, the show has more parody accounts than I can keep up with.

People are so passionate that they made a podcast by Ken Laird and Chris Curtis, two potted plants, the second most popular podcast at the station. I think this is a bigger feat than beating Toucher and Rich in the ratings.

I'm guessing the ratings haven't been this strong since WEEI was only on AM!! (even though at the time there wasn't another station competing in town, Ordway. Stick tap to the midday show as well for being #1, the show has come a long way and has been great over the last few months. +1). I'm looking forward to more contentious battles, more shitting on ESPN, and more quality radio throughout the summer and into the fall.

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