Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Let us revisit Amin Elhassan saying Kyrie Irving could never play in Boston and that Boston is Racist

Kyrie Irving is coming to Boston. You know that. I love the trade, but that is not what I want to talk about.

Lets go back to January when ESPN personalities were all in on the "Boston is Racist" argument. This included Bomani Jones, Dan LeBatard, Jemele Hill, and of course Amin Elhassan, an NBA analyst.

In his True Hoop Podcast, Elhassan went off calling Boston racist. This was after Celtics fans cheered Gordon Hayward because of the anticipation that he might sign with the Celtics in the offseason. To Elhassan and his co-hosts, Celtics fans were excited at the thought of Hayward coming to Boston because he is a white guy. Based on the reaction from when the Celtics did sign Hayward, I am pretty sure fans were happy because he is a damn good player, but I digress.

El Hassan stated that Boston is a racist city, more so than New York and Philadelphia. His reasoning was as follows: "Let me put it to you like this, how would you quantify how racist a town is. Its easy, record scratches per square foot. Its a funny thing from movies, thats a thing that has happened to me in Boston. Walk in and the music stops and everyone who is in their original conversation turns to watch. Places a stones throw from the arena."

I am sure that story is 100% true. I am sure that Elhassan walked in to a restaurant in Boston, likely a nice one considering he would have been in the North End, and everyone turned to look at him like simply because he was black. This doesn't sound like a Michael Che-esq lie at all...

In the wake of today's trade, the best part of the Podcast was Elhassan discussing Kyrie Irving coming to Boston. After his co-host said that people from Boston like players who are "blue collar" and "pick themselves up by the bootstraps" or, in the case of Hayward, are white, Elhassan chimed in and said, "Kyrie Irving could never play in Boston, thats who they hate right there."

I said this is January and I will say this again: what an unbelievably dumb statement. Instead of railing against Elhassan I figured we could all take a look around Twitter and see the backlash from the Kyrie Irving signing: 
Wow. It is clear that people from Boston already despise Irving. 

I asked Elhassan if he would like to comment on what he said back in January, to which he told me to watch ESPN and listen to his podcast for his take. 

You can read the full blog from back in January HERE.

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