Monday, August 21, 2017

Per the Mooch, Robert Kraft gave Donald Trump his Super Bowl 51 ring

Based on a Twitter DM conversation with the Mooch posted by R/Patriots (@rslashpatriots), Robert Kraft gave his Super Bowl 51 ring to Donald Trump.

When R/Patriots asked the Mooch if he could ask Trump to ask Putin to give Kraft's stolen ring back, the Mooch said that Kraft gave Trump his ring from last years Super Bowl. He also noted that the Putin Super Bowl ring is long gone.

Scaramucci said that the new ring will go in Trump's presidential library.

There is no confirmation that what the Mooch said is actually true. I would have to believe that if Kraft actually gave Trump his ring that Trump would have said something about it. Either way it is another interesting chapter in the Patriots/Trump saga that has received a ton of attention over the last year. I just hope that Susan Pease doesn't hear about this.

Below are the DMs with the Mooch:

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